The Meetup group this weekend is experiencing a guided meditation that asks 5 Questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where and who was I before I entered this physical existence?
  3. What is my purpose for this existence in physical matter reality?
  4. What action can I now take to serve this purpose best?
  5. What is the most important message I can receive and understand at this point in my existence?


Whenever looking to access your internal guidance/intuition in a guided meditation, it can be challenging to receive the information because of your expectations. In my experience it is the number one issue with perceiving nonphysical information.

Even though I know that expectations and judgment need to be suspended during meditative information gathering, I just listened to the 5 Questions exercise of Wave 3 of the Gateway Series and did the same damn thing – layered on some expectations!

Luckily I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years so I was able to catch myself and save the rest of the exercise. But I possibly mis-interpreted some fascinating info so that’s a bummer.

There are a number of factors to consider when attempting nonphysical communication. The more you can be aware of and deal with, the more great information you can get. Here are some tips on what to do, along with what I just did while listening to 5 Questions about an hour ago.

1. Take in the information without judgment.

As information starts to come to you, it’s easy to become an eager beaver and start jumping ahead with conclusions and interpretations. Before you know it, you are acting out this entire drama in your head that was all triggered by one brief image, and you might have missed out on pages and pages of guidance from your Higher Self.

For instance, on the question “Where and who was I before I entered this physical existence?”, I heard that question during the meditation and thought to myself “Oh, I never have much luck finding out who I was before I was incarnated.” That was strike one, I am already creating the belief that I am not good at it.

Then, I thought back to Robert Monroe’s description in one of his books where he was some sort of energy curl flying around through Universes. Why my mind went to the most advanced and articulate OBE practicioner, who not only meditated and astral traveled thousands upon thousands of times, until he finally had that experience after twenty or so years….rather than just have my own experience….it is ridiculous, but a common issue. You read something awesome, you get these sky-high expectations, then you have self-doubt, then you compare yourself to the pinnacle guru of the field, and now you have nothing but grainy 3D blackness in your meditation rather than some actual experiences that might be quite mind-blowing and important. Crap. Don’t do what I just did on that question. Because then the next question came up in the meditation and I didn’t get anything from that question.

2. Interpretation is a skill that takes practice.

Once you can get down everything that has happened in your meditation, then next step is read it over and “feel it over”. The best example of this occurred in one of my workshops with a friend of mine. He was pondering a relationship at the time and took his relationship situation into a meditation. Afterwards, I asked him about it. See if you would know what to do.

“Well, first I saw all this stormy weather. These big huge waves just crashing around. And I was on this little raft getting tossed back and forth, trying to stay on it.”

I don’t think it takes your local area psychic to figure out the message there. And come to find out, his intuition was spot-on.

3. Information comes in all forms.

Everything in physical reality is a symbol of something. As I just wrote that, I am realizing I probably typed that for myself. In non-physical reality, the same thing. You get an image that seems unrelated to what you are asking, but it is because you need to translate the word meaning of the image and then look at how it fits with your current reality.

During 5 Questions, my body was extremely antsy at first. I felt like I was going to have to stop the meditation and go lift weights or something. It literally was demanding that I work out.

I really didn’t want to work out. I wanted to meditate. What to do?

Instead of trying to block out the antsy feeling, I focused on it. It hadn’t come up until I was doing the Resonant Energy Balloon portion of the meditation.

What I found was that I had all this energy coursing around my energy field that needed an outlet. My physical mind had translated the sensation into “must workout now” but by using more awareness, and just looking at the sensation non-judgmentally, I realized I needed more focus in the meditation.

Now typing this, I realize that I need to consciously, obviously, and very clearly focus my energies in the physical world. A different meaning sent to me in a different way. How I am I focusing them right now? Listening to concentration meditation music while I type this, plus keeping an image in mind that I got during 5 questions.

4. Sometimes you get the information loud and clear. Don’t ignore it.

When I asked “What is the most important message I can receive and understand at this point in my existence?” I received a very clear image of me typing at my keyboard. However, there was an accompanying “infographic of sensation” that showed energy flowing down my head, expanding and swirling to 3 times the power and size in my heart, and then flowing out my arms and hands onto the keyboard and into the monitor. I’m holding that image on and off as I type this, it’s a concise way to communicate to me that I need to be typing and communicating from the heart. No B.S. about my B.S., no bullshit about my belief system.

5. Don’t fight the message, just take it down.

When I asked “What action can I now take to serve this purpose best?”, I first was taken to our future meetup group this saturday. We were taking a group picture of us all sitting in a circle. We haven’t done this before. Then the scene switched to me asking and then taping video testimonials from a few people that were attending: Judith, Chuck, and Cherlynn.

Will this happen? Are they even attending? Will I forget to ask them about this even though I just blogged and emailed this to 7900 people? It could happen, I just realized I forgot to post the blog poll results of “Is Scott Crazy?” from 2 weeks ago!

One last point, that actually should have been first. Everyone has different levels of development for each of their energy bodies. If a meditation is specifically designed to take you to an energy body (whether you know it or not) and you get nothing out of it, it could mean that you need more development of that energy body. Meanwhile, one of your other energy bodies might be much more developed and able to perceive information, and you just need to access that body when asking for guidance.

That topic is too big to cover in this blog post. But a free online course regarding this is being released on this later in the month, so I thought I would share it. And the purpose of my June 8th workshop is to help you discover the best way you can receive inner guidance and information. Click here to learn more about the workshop.



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