Vishen from describes his meditation technique.

I really like his description of dynamic, or active, meditation.  It is when the meditation technique involves your mind actively.  You will either be visualizing, projecting your energy, making ohms, or some other mental activity.

Watch this video and see how you can incorporate some of his meditation techniques into your existing practice.

For help with the 6 phases, here are some resources on our site:

1. Connection – There are a lot of ways to get centered. Here’s a meditation technique video that can get you there.

2. Gratitude

3. Freedom from Charges – You can NEVER release negative energy too much.  In fact, I’m going to go do this exercise when I get done.   Here is an account of an exercise involving releasing and recharging energy.

4. Creative Visualization

5. Intentions for the Day – Morning meditation is a great place to set your intention for the day.

6. Blessings




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