The more I know the more I realize I don’t know. I don’t tell you this to look like a Zen master. It is more a public admission. I love reading books on how to perform spiritual practices. But it is my personal experiments with what I read, even if the result is not deemed a success, that creates the greatest personal development for me.

I spent a lot of time on techniques of deliberate manifestation. Between reading, researching, goal setting, list making, passion tests, law of attraction “secrets” that seem to be easily available on poorly made websites, I could keep going but you get my drift by now. I would call myself a “law of attraction guru” but I don’t like gurus and the other reason I’m about to share in this post.

I count meditation among the greatest things I’ve ever found. I did not find this wonderful personal development tool through a recommendation from a wise sage, or any other law of attraction technique. I came across meditation thanks to a somewhat cheesy yoga video called Power Yoga by Bryan Kest.

bryan-kest-power-yoga-leads-to-meditation-1In the late 90s I would go to the gym a lot to lift weights and do cardio. Working out, commuting, and yapping with all my buddies ended up taking over 2 hours of each day.

Looking for a way to workout at home and while traveling, I decided to try out yoga. I bought a VHS (this is a video cassette tape for those under 30) of Power Yoga and thought I would give it a whirl.

The workout was a great even though the instructor was distracting. I would be holding some pretzel-like pose and sweating and shaking. Bryan would advise me to “Be where you’re at, cuz you’re already there.” My pose would now include a grimace. This sequence of pose->cheesy inspiration->pose->cheesy inspiration continues throughout the 45 minute workout tape. I feel guilty calling such a pivotal VHS tape cheesy, but it was how I truly felt at the time.

The last pose was sirvasana, known as the corpse pose. You lay there because it is “the death of the practice”. I later found out that yoga postures are to prepare the body for meditation.

The first time I laid on the mat after my yoga sequence, breathing and not doing too much else, this incredible feeling began to seep into my body. I began vibrating happiness seemingly from my bones, through my muscles, and out my skin. This vibrating happiness expanded a couple of feet outside my body so that I was this bubble of joy.

I laid there basking it in. When I opened my eyes it had been 45 minutes in the corpse pose!

The next day I did the yoga tape again, and I experienced the same great blissful feeling in the corpse pose. Not only was I achieving my first goal of an on-the-go workout, but this entirely new bonus feeling of happiness post workout. This was infinitely more preferable to having sore muscles for 2 days after a weight training session.

I had no idea of all the benefits meditation could provide me at this point. I just knew that there was something important that seemed to be happening, and I had been missing out up to this point of my life!

My curiosity led me to do an internet search using the good ole search engine AltaVista. I tracked down a place called the Monroe Institute, ordered the Gateway Experience Discovery CDs powered by hemi sync, and ten years later this site was hatched.

Reflecting on how I found meditation, I realize that it couldn’t have been more random. This makes me wonder about the many manifestation techniques I experiment with. Meditation has changed my life and I really had little to do with the discovery of it.

Perhaps I should just focus on feeling good and not the specific plan to “make things happen”. It’s appealing to focus on what I want and not how I am going to get it. Anyone have personal experiences to share on this?



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