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If you accept the fact that there are additional dimensions and realms to our existence, it would stand to reason that it is a good idea to get to know those dimensions.  I will further state that it is an even better idea to be prepared for these unseen levels of our human experience.  Track 3 of the first disc of the Gateway Experience teaches you how to create a protective and beneficial energy balloon around your body while taking you to an advanced focus level.

Track 3 is called Advanced Focus 10.  While I was listening to the tape, I could distinctly feel I was deeply within my self.  I felt a very heavy relaxation presence around me, I was truly asleep but still coherent.  When my dog barked at some random noises I felt like I was emerging back into the world.  After she settled down, I easily fell right back into the meditative state I was in.  It took perhaps 15 seconds.

During the lesson I learned about REBAL balloons.  A REBAL balloon is a mental construction of an energetic bubble around you.  This bubble will allow you to conserve and focus your energy.  It will also keep any unwanted energy out – Nobody needs a other dimensional prankster toying with their experience!  Monroe’s tape present this protective aspect calmly and without hyperbole so you can have the best session possible.

I was shocked at the time that went by.  When the tape was over I thought perhaps at most 15 minutes had gone by.  It had been 45 minutes!  I am really enjoying the depth and quality of the Gateway Experience sessions.




  • efronic
    on June 18, 2011 Reply

    I just cant get into focus ten.. my bdy stays awake, wht to do?

    • admin
      on June 29, 2011 Reply

      Hey there,

      Focus Ten does not necessarily mean you are sound asleep and can hear yourself snoring (although this may happen). However, it sounds like you don’t feel sufficiently at ease to experience the mind awake / body asleep effect of focus 10. I’d like to suggest 2 things to try.

      First, put a lot of effort into the chanting portion of the tape. By effort, I mean be VERY LOUD and audible. Belt it out and don’t worry about what it sounds like. I sound like a sick cow in the pasture, but it works wonders for me. It may help you get more relaxed and quiet in the mind.

      The other thing I would experiment with is the affirmation. Make sure you are saying it mentally. Try saying it out loud with your eyes still closed. Try visualizing it. Try adding “My body and mind achieve focus 10 in an easy and relaxed manner.”

      Keep me posted, and thanks for reading.

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