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Adventures-In-Consciousness-BlogIf you want to evolve, there is going to come a time in your life when you decide to find out exactly what you are.  Let’s call that process “Exploring Your Consciousness”.  Are you ready to do that?

If you decide you are ready to take ownership of the evolution of your soul, Kurt Leland is coming to Chicago for a one day workshop called Adventures in Consciousness.  Kurt is able to give you techniques to help open up doorways in your perception to your nonphysical self.

Why is this important?  This allows your own personal experience of something greater than the physical world.  It is not simply reading about a mystical or grand experience of someone else, you have your own experiences that you interpret that help you become more.

When you realize you are more than your physical body, this begins to generate a different overview of the physical world and your place in it.   This begins to loosen your mind to be open, become aware, and perceive life in an entirely new way.

I’m bringing Kurt to Chicago because his latest book covers ground that I haven’t read anywhere else.  There are exercises to expand your perceptual senses in the areas where you are blocked the most.

Let’s look at a very common meditation question I receive on our teleseminars.  How come I can’t hear or receive guidance during meditation?

Typically, one gets into a meditative state, asks a question, and then waits.  Nothing but the black of their eyelids and silence in the ears.  You get irritated, start thinking about your to-do list, and then its time to stop meditating and you leave frustrated.

Enter Kurt’s exercises from his book Multi Dimensional Human, which we will be practicing at Adventures In Consciousness.

In order to perceive visually, there are exercises to develop your nonphysical sight.

In order to hear things, there are exercises to develop your nonphysical hearing.

And on and on it goes, in fact ,there are 22 nonphysical senses identified!

I love how the exercises pinpoint the spiritual tools you need for the specific consciousness perception challenge you are currently facing.  Join me and other adventurous and inquisitive souls in September to learn and practice perception with Kurt!!



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