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The pursuit of goal achievement has led me down many, many, many (did I say many) paths.  One day I took stock and realized there is a chance I might be somewhat of an expert at this.  I can say this due to years of experience in conscious and unconscious goal achievement.

It still drives me nuts that I don’t have a perfectly defined process for goal achievement yet.  If I did, you would hear about it, and I would happily have a lot more things crossed off my life list.  Despite the process still being a work in progress, I recently received a great email that I think can help people be happier in the new year, so I’m sharing it below.

This email came from Jeanie Marshall, a friend, personal development coach, and Meditation Masters Network teacher.  You can reach her at,, or Compelling Change.

What Is Your Deepest Desire by Jeanie Marshall

I don’t want this to be just another message telling you to make a New Year’s resolution or set your goals or start an exercise program.

I learned by observing at quite a young age that most New Year’s resolutions are broken or forgotten by about the 3rd week of January. Maybe that stood out for me because that’s my birthday.

At a later age, I learned by continuing to observe that most people require about 3 weeks to change a behavior. Let me state that more clearly (pardon the wordiness), most people require about 3 weeks of regular PRACTICE of a new behavior while not doing the old behavior in order for the new behavior to be the default behavior.

Even then, there’s no guarantee. Old patterns can return or replay themselves in new guises.

And at a still later age, still observing myself and others, I learned that what really needs to change is the consciousness that propels the behavior. Behavior is one of the many gateways to consciousness, but relying on only the outward action or behavior is only one indicator.

And as I have continued to grow and observe, I know that when consciousness changes, time is not a factor, except maybe to prove something to yourself. Change can take place in a nanosecond. I’ve found that the most effective change takes place in incremental steps, as a person’s consciousness changes.

In the workplace, usually the only concern of the employer is the behavior. Showing up on time, getting the work done, speaking up at  meetings, etc. are measurements that most businesses focus on for employee evaluations.

But that’s business. And a business must do what the business leaders decide is appropriate.

What about between you and you?

What do YOU want to change in yourself? If it is to DO something different, identifiying that is an important start.

Now go deeper.

What do you want to BE that is different?

Being and doing work together. BEFORE doing, be.

Who are you? Who/what do you want to become? Who are you becoming?

When you touch the answers to such questions as these, the doing follows and follows easily. You must go inside yourself to get these answers. Others can inspire you. But each answer is tucked inside you, not in someone else.

If you have quick answers to these questions, either you have done a LOT of work on yourself or you are answering at a superficial level.

I consider that questions such as these are worthy of asking yourself and answering regularly and repeatedly.

Happy New Year.

May you touch the deepest desire in you to become and to be who you truly are.

May this year BE your best year ever! By “best” I mean the best by any way you choose to measure it.


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