To determine the best meditation cds, it helps to realize that meditation is a somewhat subjective experience.  What my deep meditation feels like could differ sharply from your interpretation.  To judge what is the “best”, for the purposes of this article, depends on the goal and experience of the user.

So I will recommend what have been the best meditation cds for me, and why that I feel that way.  If my explanation resonates with you, then there is a good chance it will work well for you also.

Best Meditation CDs

I learned meditation from a combination of post-yoga breathing exercises and the Gateway Experience CDs.  Hemisync is a meditation technology that uses binaural beats to synchronize your brainwaves.  This technology has been likened to bicycle training wheels, because it gives your brain the mental muscle memory to achieve deep meditation states on your own. Hemisync is known for some of the best meditation cds.

Take a closer look at the Gateway Hemi Sync meditation cds.

A great beginner meditation cd. If you are brand-new to meditation, have a scientific mind, or are skeptical coming into meditation, then this morning meditation cd is a great way to get introduced to the benefits.  It is only 19 minutes long and is best listened to immediately upon waking.  You will find yourself starting your days in a great mood with a lot of focus.  I still listen to this morning meditation cd a few times a month.

Start your mornings refreshed with this morning meditation cd.

When people say they are too busy to meditate, Einstein’s Dream focus and concentration meditation CD is the perfect CD to try out.  You can use it while you are busy working!  It can broaden your mind to when and how a meditative brain state can occur.  This meditation CD should be listened to with headphones during a mental task.  You will find that you can focus and concentrate more easily and for a longer time period.

Experience more focus and clarity.

These are the best meditation cds in my experiences. I encourage you to have your own experience and find out which meditation cd is best for you.


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