Hemi-sync was pioneered by the great mind and out-of-body researcher Robert Monroe.  The binaural beat technology field now has several companies involved, but Robert was the pioneer who brought it into the mainstream.

Hemi-Sync helps you safely alter your brainwaves with multi-layered patterns of sound frequencies.  When you hear these through stereo headphones or speakers, your brain responds by producing a third sound (called a binaural beat) that encourages the desired brainwave activity.  With Hemi-Sync® you can safely alter your brainwave patterns and experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states.

These topographic brainwave maps illustrate the state-changing potential of the Hemi-Sync® process:
hemi sync brain wave patterns
Hemi-sync is short for hemispheric synchronization.  This technological phrase refers to your brain’s hemispheres working together.  It was Robert Monroe’s assertion, proved with hundreds of scientific tests, that when both sides of the brain are working in harmony we are capable of far greater things than when the brain sides are in disharmony.

The most popular use for this technology is to increase awareness and perception of energies greater than physical matter.  Robert Monroe developed some Hemi-Sync CDs that will aid the listener in achieving out of body states, in addition to perceiving other states that he defined by focus levels.

Some additional applications of this technology include:  greater concentration and focus, easier time getting to sleep, pure meditation, background music during bodywork, quick recovery from surgery, easier pregnancy, and many other ways.

Gateway Experience CDsI have used Hemi-sync products for 11 years and can attest to their effectiveness.  The Gateway Experience CD set changed my belief structure by making me realize there was more to reality than meets the eye!

I can’t remember the last time I went a week without reaching for a hemi-sync CD.  My hemi-sync library serves as a mind toolbox that I use to help me with day-to-day challenges and also with perceiving energies greater than the physical world.

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