The Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience Waves have changed my life.  The program convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are definitely more than our physical bodies.  Through the Gateway Voyage it has also instilled a lifelong love of meditation that led me to the creation of this site!

Robert Monroe created the Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience Waves as a way for people to learn and experience different levels of perception.  He called these perception levels “focus levels”.  Labeling focus levels allows differences in how the energy is felt and experienced to be discussed and compared for further learning and exploration.

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Hemisync is short for hemispheric synchronization.  In a nutshell, your brainwaves are synchronized so that you are in a whole brain wave state.  Countless studies have proven that this is an optimal way of being for your brain.

It is stressed throughout the program that the CDs are meant to build a foundation.  Your brain learns the different focus levels similar to how your physical body uses muscle memory to learn different actions.  Once you can mentally “feel” a certain energy focus level, the hemisync CDs can be set aside.

I personally find that I come back to the CDs through the years.  The gateway voyage provides a great foundation and a reminder to my brain and soul of the depth of meditation.  I’ve blogged about my experiences in the past, you can read more in my blog category for hemi-sync gateway experience.

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