The patented Hemi-Sync® process has been refined with over 40 years of research and development. Ongoing experimentation, data collection and analysis are conducted at The Monroe Institute’s laboratory facilities to demonstrate the correlations between subjective experiential reports and objective electronic measurements.

Such research is indispensable in revealing the influence of specific Hemi-Sync® sound patterns on consciousness. Over the years, these efforts have resulted in the development of scores of individual products for specific applications such as focused attention, stress management, meditation, sleep enhancement, and pain management, to name a few.

Thanks to the cooperation of notable medical institutions and universities, the scientifically and clinically proven Hemi-Sync® technology continues to be the focus of a variety of specialized research projects. In addition, many therapists, physicians, educators, and other professionals use Hemi-Sync® extensively.

Theta brainwaves without Hemi-Sync

Theta brainwaves with Hemi-Sync

The Hemi-Sync® process is internationally acclaimed. Thousands of people have journeyed from around the world to attend The Monroe Institute®’s life-enhancing residential programs. These programs, conducted at the Institute’s on-campus facilities in Virginia, are dedicated to developing, exploring, and applying expanded states of consciousness using the extraordinary Hemi-Sync® sound technologies.

While many Hemi-Sync® products contribute to wellness, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. As you become familiar with the Hemi-Sync® process, you will discover how you will achieve more and more with this invaluable, effective consciousness tool.

Use with any type of stereo headphones or with speakers positioned to provide separation of the sound going to the right and left ear. Hemi-Sync® simply and effectively liberates your inherent resources to function at their maximum capability. Don’t listen while driving or operating heavy equipment or if you have a history or tendency toward seizures. Do not use with light and sound devices.