Meditation software and technologies have greatly increased the ability for people to learn or enhance their meditation skills.  It is not easy to describe how meditation feels.  How does someone know if they are doing it right?  How does a long-time practitioner go deeper in their practice?

Here are some proven meditation software products that can give you the technological edge to advance your mind-

Binaural Beats
A proven effective way is through the use of binaural beats.  Binaural beat technology involves listening to a different tone in each ear.  Your brain creates a third tone.  The third tone is a difference between the frequencies of the tones heard in each ear.

That third tone can be used to stimulate desired brain activity and focus.  And that is how it is applied to meditation. is a big believer in binaural beats technology.

Hemi-Sync – A leading provider of scientifically proven binaural beat technology for personal growth, consciousness exploration, and practical living applications.

Journey to Wild Divine

The first software program to incorporate biofeedback and run on anyone’s computer.  The user advances through the game as he learns to control his bodily emotions.

Healing Rhythms

A computer-based meditation training program that incorporates biofeedback.  Your skin conductance and heart rate variability are measured while you learn to control them with your mind.

Learn to Meditate Course

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