Theta Meditation with Binaural BeatsTheta meditation is the use of binaural beat technology to get your brain waves cycling at a certain frequency.  If it sounds scientific, that’s because it is.  This isn’t your run of the mill meditation.

I find theta meditations to be the most powerful I have experienced thus far in my decade of practice.  There are various meditation techniques that can stimulate deep meditation.  When the brain is hooked up to brain wave monitoring equipment, and someone confirms they are in meditation, it is because their brain waves are in theta.

How do I know this for sure?  After all, I preach direct experience as the best teacher.  I know that theta meditation is a powerful meditation technique because I have been monitored while in deep meditation!

Theta brain wave cycles are from 4-7 hz.  Back in the early days of research for what became known as hemi sync, researchers at the Monroe Institute were able to determine that some very interesting meditation and consciousness explorations occurred when binaural beats entered the theta brain wave cycle range.

I wouldn’t tell you how great theta meditation can be without offering one to you to try out.  You receive a great theta meditation as part of our free meditation course.


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