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    Free meditation course including meditation mp3s, meditation videos, and meditation how-to articles.

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    Robert Monroe is the man behind Hemi Sync.  Hemi Sync is the most trusted, researched, and effective binaural beat meditation technology I have come across. [i4w_intlink id="485" anchortext='binaural beat'] During his initial explorations into consciousness, Robert Monroe came across the discovery that using affirmations greatly increased the intensity, variety, and success of exploring the premise […]

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    Meditation for anti aging makes a lot of sense to me.  Over time the positive and negative thoughts add up.  The dominant intent of your life is reflected in thought.  How the passing of years gets handled has a lot to do with how you handle stress.  So why not use a meditation specifically designed […]

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    It is important to import hemi sync binaural beat meditation cds correctly into ITunes.  Incorrect import settings from your ITunes can cause you to lose out on a lot of the benefits of the binaural beats.  Since the reason you are likely to buy a meditation cd with binaural beats such as hemi sync is […]

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    November 18, 2010 Binaural Beats Hemi Sync 0 comments
    Hemi Sync Binaural Beats raise questions - here are the answers

    A handy Q&A on everything related to hemispheric synchronization of your brain…and why this is a good thing!

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