Hacked by ZeDaN-Mrx

    One of my Meditation Masters Network teachers, Jonathan Ellerby, has a very interesting and widespread background in spirituality I’d like to share with you.  At one time or another, he has been the Director of Spirituality for Canyon Ranch, studied shamanism, has his doctorate in Religious Studies, authored a couple of Hay House books on […]

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    Michaiel Patrick Bovenes on the Meditation Masters Network

    There aren’t many of us, short of the true Jedi-masters, that can’t use a little more focus and clarity. As someone who meditates several hours each week, I still can find myself fighting the “monkey mind” of wandering thoughts. Fortunately Michaiel Patrick Bovenes of Soul-utions is here to help us this week. He presents a […]

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    Vaishali on the Meditation Masters Network

    My life purpose is to embody the Spiritual teacher that I was brought to this planet to be. My goal is to share timeless, eternal wisdom through writing, teaching, consulting, radio, television, iPod players; by any means available with any and all ready and willing to learn, heal and grow. My life’s journey has been […]

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