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The 5th lesson of the Gateway Experience Discovery disc is called Discovery Sleep. It puzzled me why there would be a sleep meditation lesson in the Experience series. I already have a great sleep meditation cd from the same company. It was only after I listened to the lesson 5 different nights before I could share with you why it was included.

The reason it took me 5 nights – the sleep meditation part kept knocking me out to sleep. Either that or my mind was “clicking out”. Clicking out refers to the mind’s habit of shutting down your experiences to your conscious memory. For reasons that are not usually clear until much later if at all, the mind will decide that you should not remember a particular episode or life experience. I could not tell if my mind was clicking out or I was just being put to sleep. The first 4 times I listened to this lesson with the hopes of sharing it on the blog, I would wake up the next morning with my ear buds still in.

Finally one night my mind was still sufficiently buzzing with mental chatter that I felt I could stay awake and keep track of what was going to happen. Am I glad I did! I made a mental intention to stay awake and aware of all events in the lesson so that I could write about them after. It worked, because I stayed conscious throughout Discovery Sleep.

The lesson begins with a lengthy mental warm-up portion. The warm-up starts with balancing tones in each ear. These are loud audio tones that have a calming effect. Next is time for the energy conversion box visualization. The energy conversion box is used at the start of virtually every guided lesson in the Gateway series. I also use it on my own as a tool to stop mental chatter. I visualize a large wooden chest similar to one I have from Pier 1 Imports. I picture people, events, thoughts, whatever is on my mind or has been recently, I see them all getting tossed into the box and then I shut it and watch it whisk away into the “atmosphere”…similar to a Star Wars movie where there is a lot of space outside of the death star.

The next portion of the warm-up is resonant tuning. Resonance is created by humming out loud in an “ohhmmm”-like sounding manner for a few minutes while you hear the same sounds in your ears from a group of monks. I am finding that this is critical to the quality of the meditation later on in the tape. My wife is normally sound asleep when I am listening to these sleep tapes. However, she was tossing and turning. So I kept the humming extremely low so I did not receive a pillow swat. Perhaps that is why I ended up remembering the session, because it was not as deep as the last 4 times I was able to belt out my resonant tuning hums?

At this point it is about 10 minutes into the tape and it is time to state your affirmation and then move to focus ten. Both of these were covered in previous blog entries, I would only like to add that it is easier to move to a focus level with repetition. The “psychic muscle memory” of the focus is more engrained so I can almost feel my way to it.

Here is where I would normally click out and not remember anything. Somehow I am still awake on my 5th attempt, so I hear the background hemi-sync tones and music change to a sound that is similar to jet taking off. Only it’s muted and peaceful somehow? The question mark is intentional, because it sounds like that to me, only how is a jet taking off either one of those things? Not sure, but that is the best way I can describe it. I am then instructed to picture myself floating upward. This is the extra out there trippy stuff I love to try.

However I did not effortlessly separate from my physical body. I felt at times like I was estranged from it, but never was I able to open my eyes and see that I was outside of my body. How cool would that have been?

After getting more guidance on body separation, I was instructed to roll around multiple times. I could feel the physical sensation of turning onto my side, but could never get to the point of feeling an actual full revolution. I was then guided back into my body; although I am pretty sure I never left it, and then led gently to sleep.

Unlike my previous 4 attempts at this lesson, I did not head off to sleep. I took off the headset and then crashed out on my own.




  • CC
    on March 21, 2012 Reply

    thank you for your blog and dedication to this as everyone should be discovering this for themselves

    • admin
      on March 22, 2012 Reply

      Thanks for reading CC, I appreciate the comment.

  • Cray
    on January 7, 2013 Reply

    Hi there, wonderful site and I loved reading about some of experiences with the Gateway program from TMI. Just so you know and maybe if you would like to pass it along I have a online journal setup that is basically custom fit just for the Gateway Experience… Check it and my journal entries out at

    • admin
      on February 8, 2013 Reply

      Cray –

      I just read your past 5-10 blog posts – cool stuff. Have you been out to TMI yet?

      The past life experience from Nebraska was especially interesting.

      Check out your journal entries for situations where you click out -> do they happen at the same focus level? Focus levels relate to energy bodies, and each energy body has a different level of development, and therefore perception. Bodies where you need more growth than others will give you the click out. So depending on your mood, if you want to just zone out, choose a focus level where you click out so you can make some progress there. IF you are up for adventure, choose a focus level where you are having consistent projections.

      Take it easy,

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