It is Monday 930am and my brain did not want to work.  I had reluctantly tore myself away from the killer book I was reading on my Kindle and the new reality, that I was to write database scripts for the next 2hours, could not catch my attention.

By not catch my attention, I mean that I kept up a fierce rotation of checking my gmail accounts, playing scrabble on my iPhone, reading google news, espn boston, texting, and daydreaming.  Suddenly clock read 10:15 and I hadn’t done a damn thing.

Pressure began to mount slightly from my procrastination.  My day was booked from noon until 4pm, and I had to get these scripts done so I could report that I had met all my objectives for June (this was July 1st).

Anxiety built as I realized that it was the start of a new month and I had not meditated, worked out, or wrote, the big 3 of things I want to do each day.  Shit.

And then it dawned on me that I could combine meditation with the work I was blowing off.  My meditation focus meditation mp3 on my iPod could save the day.  Even though I have listened to the track a few hundred times, I still forget it is an option.

I put on the focus meditation, throw on some headphones,  and the familiar Mozart starts playing.  I begrudgingly close all of my random web windows and attempt to look at my database script.  I realize that my frustrations with the script are due to the fact that I have 3 different scenarios I am trying to deal with in 1 script.  I have to keep triple-checking which sections of the script to execute rather than streamlining the 3 processes into 3 different scripts.

Making the changes, I don’t even realize that my brain is already locking into the task at hand.  The script for creating database mail profiles, custom alerts, and notifications, gets written quickly.  I run it across 37 environments and settle back in my chair contentedly.  It’s 1115am.  All that in 1 hour, the power of focus!

This evening as the couch calls, I manage to ignore it’s siren call of comfort and head out the door for my exercise of the night, the golf range.  Wednesday starts the first day of a documentary I’m in about learning to golf through meditative-type concentration skills and I want to get some practice in.  I come home and rip off this blog.  All that anxiety 12 hours ago for nothing; my big 3 of exercise, meditation, and writing are complete.



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