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Being wide awake in a dream is something most people have experienced.  But not everyone has experienced closing their eyes and entering a state where your body is asleep.  I experienced this with the 2nd track of the Gateway Experience Discovery program this morning.  This lesson introduces you to focus 10.  In Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience jargon, focus 10 is body asleep, mind alert.  I felt with my many years of meditating this would be a snap and not of much value.  The Ego – wrong once again.

In focus 10 I had no conscious concept of my body.  I bolted up like a lightning bolt once during the session when I experienced the sensation of wetness on my hand.  It was only my dog Kaiya lapping me!  Since I was so in tune with the meditation and removed from my physical senses, when she started licking it was a completely foreign concept at first.  That’s a pretty deep focus state.

The instructions leading up to the meditation focus level is called the preparatory process.  You are literally being mentally and physically prepared for meditation.  This includes audible humming, visualization of energy flowing into and out of your body, and a positive affirmation relating to the experience you are about to have.  By the time the process is complete, it is already as if you are in a meditative state.  And then the fun part starts.

Hemi-sync tones in each ear begin to play.  They are played in the background as a low consistent wave of humming.  It’s a very light hum that pulses in your head gently.  The cool part of the hemi-sync process:  What is being heard in your head is a tone that your brain has created based on two differing tones heard in each ear.  The entire hemi-sync technology is based on your brain’s manufactured tone guiding you into increased levels of awareness.  It is not only a cool idea, it works very effectively.

The purpose of this exercise was to get used to the focus 10 feeling.  These lessons intend to get your brain used to the feeling of different focus levels so that you can access them without needed the cd.  While in focus 10 I found I had 2 frames of consciousness running at once.  I had rapid-fire thought images flashing up on a screen.  But then I noticed this, and was able to step away from it…virtually somehow.  “I” was then calmly feeling the increased focus levels, and I could look “over there” and see a screen of some kind rapidly flashing thought images.  I then “turned away” from the screen and enjoyed the feeling of being alert but thoughtless until the CD brought me back to my room.  And promptly wrote this blog entry.

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