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My meditation revelations first began when I went through the Gateway Experience.  Gateway Experience is a 36 lesson set of at-home meditation lessons.  I had previously only experienced meditation after a yoga class.  I knew my meditation was “working”, but I wanted to go deeper and didn’t know how to do that.  The Gateway Experience taught me and my brain how to experience deep meditation states.  I am going to revisit the series in this blog among other topics.

I had low expectations for Wave 1 as I plugged in my headphones to re-take the Gateway Experience.  Wave 1 started my meditation journey that continues 8 years later.  I assumed that with my years of experience, not to mention completing all 7 waves of the Gateway Experience already, Wave 1 would be something to rush through so I could get to the advanced stuff.  Why would an aspiring meditation coach need to worry about basic meditation orientation exercises?

I read the instruction booklet that comes with the meditation program and one line resonated with me more than the rest.  I was told to “cultivate openness – Approach each exercise without expectations”.  Luckily for me, I followed these instructions and began the first Gateway Experience track without any preconceptions and expectations.

Track#1 Orientation opens with the ocean surf in the background so you can get centered and relaxed.  Robert Monroe’s voice prepares you for the journey ahead.  There is a significant amount of talking and explanation on the first track at the beginning.  It is very instructional so I did not mind it.  Also, future exercises do not contain nearly so much talking as your need for instruction on basic concepts of meditation lessens.

The first concept to learn is the “energy conversion box”.  You visualize a box of your own imagination’s design.  This box is used to keep mental distractions in.  I ran through a list of things I was thinking about before I started the exercise, and mentally placed them in the box and shut it.  The energy conversion box concept works well to divorce yourself from the day’s thoughts and worries leading up to your meditation session.

The next meditation technique is affirmation.  Affirmations are a powerful mental tool to help direction your intention.  Intention is something that guides your focus and energy, and that in turn contributes to the results that turn up in your life.  Affirmation is used in the Gateway process to set your intention and goal for the meditation session.  Here is the affirmation used-

Resonant tuning is the final meditation technique learned.  This concept was the most awkward for me to apply at first.  After years of doing it, resonant tuning is now my favorite preparatory process.  During the meditation instruction, when the resonant tuning step occurs, you hear a chorus of monks chanting om.  The instruction is to chant om along with them, breathing in through the nose, and letting a long “ommmmm” out through your mouth.

The ommmm serves a few purposes.  It is a very effective way to clear any stray thoughts out of your mind, without any conscious effort other than emitting a sound.  It raises your resonant energy.  This may come across as feeling more alert and peppy, even though you will undoubtedly be more relaxed than you were when you started the tape.

The last portion of the tape demonstrates the effect of hemispheric synchronization.  Hemi-sync, as it as known, means both sides of your brain are working in sync.  The meditation technology is based on this effect.  Sound researchers found that playing different audible tones in each ear cause a 3rd sound or reverberation to be heard.  That 3rd reverberation is created by your brain to offset the 2 differing tones that are being heard.  Furthermore, and most importantly for our efforts with this meditation series, the 3rd tone that is being manufactured by your brain can be used to guide your consciousness to different levels.  So you will feel meditation by certain offsetting tone combinations in your ear!

To demonstrate this during the meditation session, Robert Monroe first has you hear a tone in  one ear.  Then that tone stops, and there is tone in the other ear.  Then the first tone is added back in, and you will hear a new tone vibrating in the middle of your head.  This vibrating tone is your brain halves working together to create it.  You are left to experience this effect for approximately 5 minutes or so, with the audio tone mix set to guide you to C-3, which is jargon for consciousness focus level 3.

I was stricken by how powerful C-3 is!  After going through the program you get taken deeper and deeper until you reach consciousness focus level 21.  So I expected C-3 to be no big deal.  I was very mistaken.  I felt a great relaxation and calm come over me.  It was definitely a meditation experience.

The first meditation practice sets a foundation that you will use and build upon for the entire 36 session series.  Spend whatever time is necessary to learn the practices for the growth of your meditation experiences.  Remember to approach each session with no expectations and judgment and you will reap the benefits.

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