I hadn’t listened to the Introduction to Focus 10 in a few years. I was blown away with how deep and satisfying this meditation was.

At the start of the meditation exercise, there was the ocean surf. Recalling that this is a symbol for the waves of vibrational energy that we are learning to focus in this series, I felt myself as a ball of whirling energetic vortex-like material. It immediately heightened the focus I had and made me feel like all things are possible.

The energy conversion box process was next. The more I picture the energy conversion box, the more detailed and ornate it becomes. This time I could see a dark brown wood grain stain on the outside of the box. When I opened the lid and looked inside, I saw what appeared to be outer space with no end to it. I moved my focus back away from the box and began putting in distractions.

At this moment I realized that I had been focusing on what my wife was not doing, rather than what she has been doing. Then I started thinking about how that is not the best way to support her, and she is a fantastic mate and life partner. So I “put in that feeling”. This is somewhat esoteric to put a feeling into a box, but that’s what I did. I felt what I no longer wanted to feel when I thought about what I no longer wanted to think, and then pushed that sensation as visible particles flowing into the box. Those particles remind me of when you close your eyes and rub them and see dots.

Then the monks came on for the resonant energy tuning phase. Monks come in over the exercise and you are supposed to ohm or hum along with them. This amplifies my experience every time so I always belt them out. I tend to sound like a sick cow, as you might have heard during this lesson of my free meditation course, but it works. The first time I truly yelled out my ohms was the first time I had intense nonphysical visual adventures, so I tend to stick to it.

Robert Monroe now leads you on the affirmation, saying it nice and slow so you can repeat along with him. There are a couple of schools of thought on the affirmation. Some people say that they should be said out loud. Others, such as Robert on this exercise, tell you to repeat them to yourself. If you practice nonverbal nonphysical communication, you create symbols in your imagination to represent things. Louise Hay says to say them out loud in front of a mirror, although her suggestion is when you are specifically trying to build your self-esteem.

I decide to repeat them in my mind and also do the nonphysical symbols.

At this point the tones lead me into focus 3. I had forgot there was a focus 3. It stands for “Mind and Brain synchronized”. It feels more alert. But I am already starting to get antsy for the deep peace of focus 10 so I don’t pay a lot of attention to it.

Focus 10 stands for “Mind Awake, Body Asleep”. Sometimes it turns into “Completely Asleep and Remember Nothing”, or “Mind Awake, Body Awake but Calm”, rather than the goal of “Mind Awake, Body Asleep”. Don’t worry about wondering if you are asleep or not. I can assure you that it can happen. I have heard snoring and then realized it was me before. I have heard people in workshops snoring, who recall some vivid imagery or conversations during their meditations and swear it couldn’t have been them sleeping. And for the most concrete proof that you can be physically asleep while your mind is still going, I have a 45 minute mp3 of talking to Skip Atwater at the Monroe Institute while hooked up to biofeedback that confirmed I was asleep by all scientific definitions. (And I was talking to nonphysical alligators among other things, but that’s a story for another time).

Today’s Focus 10 experience for me was very restorative. Prior to the exercise, my body was achy and tired from a great weekend and a 90 minute leg workout this morning. My mind was in Monday mode, which meant I had a ton of different things to get done and was not sure where to start.

After spending time in Focus 10, my body feels fantastic. My mind was very focused on one thing. Writing this journal entry. That is because I have a belief that if I can workout, meditate, and write every day, then the rest of my life is going to take care of itself and be awesome. Today was the start of that commitment. Thanks to my Focus 10 experience, I achieved it today.




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