How Do I Meditate?

The most asked question on this site is How Do I Meditate?  I realize that people have probably heard various instructions on meditation techniques, but haven’t had success yet and therefore are asking that question.  I empathize with the frustration of an unfruitful meditation attempt.  As with many issues in life and meditation, taking a bigger picture view of the issue can provide options for solutions on how to meditate.

I remember my first attempt at meditation quite well.  I went to a “guru’s” house in the suburbs of Orlando.  He was an older Indian gentlemen, wearing a white gown-like outfit, and had a long beard.  He spoke in a very high pitched and hard to understand voice.  The summary of his instructions were along the lines of “go within and think of nothing”.  I left the moment there was a break in the session and wished I had that half hour of my life back.

I didn’t give another thought about meditation until I got into ashtanga yoga.  The corpse pose at the end of yoga practice, which involved lying quietly on the yoga mat for 5-10 minutes, soon became my favorite yoga pose.  I would sometimes stay in corpse pose for 30-45 minutes, I never wanted it to end.  The body sensations, peace, and calm that I felt were incredible!

Now that I have been practicing for 13 years, and run a meditation membership site with many different meditation techniques, I realize that meditation is like a lot of things in life.  There is great variety of meditation techniques because there is a great variety of people and learning styles.  So if you are still wondering how to meditate, or you are bored with your current meditation practice, or just like to try out new meditation methods, I’ve got a few suggestions for you.

  1. Try listening to a guided meditation cd without music in the background.  For some people, the music is too distracting or facilitates daydreaming rather than meditation.  Also, experiment with different guided meditation voices.  I love hearing Robert Monroe’s voice on the Hemi Sync Gateway Series.  I’ve had someone tell me he sounds like a car salesman!  I got very protective upon hearing this for no reason, that person should just follow suggestion #2.
  2. Try listening to a meditation cd with music.  Yes, this is the exact opposite of suggestion #1.  I have found about 25% prefer music.  They say that it relaxes them to the point that meditation can take place.  Notice I say “they”, because I end up daydreaming usually with music, even though it sounds nice and relaxes me.
  3. Inject more sound into your meditation preparation process.  I still can’t believe how much deeper and more interesting meditation became once I started belting out some “ohhhhms” during the early stages of my meditation process.  I could get all metaphysical on you right now and say that the ohm raises my vibrational rate.  But you and I both know that I did not measure my vibrations before or after the ohms.   Instead of a debate, just try it out and see if your meditation session is more beneficial in any way.
  4. Use affirmations at the start of your meditation.  The one that I learned and still use quite often begins “I am more than my physical body.  Because I am more than my physical body, I deeply desire to experience that which is greater than the physical world.”  You should make up your own affirmations based on whatever your meditation intent happens to me.  When I’ve used other people’s affirmations and I don’t fully buy in to them, they end up just being words without power.
  5. Binaural Beat meditation.  There is a reason that there is a binaural beats link in my top menu…it works!  Not all binaural beats are created equal, but when a quality, research-backed process is used, the doorway to meditation can open for people that don’t have success any other way.

I hope these ideas on how to meditate help you out.  Post any questions in the newly opened comments area below and I’ll respond back to you.  How do you meditate?



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