This came to me while at The Monroe Institute in 2009.  Max refers to my unborn son at the time, which I was already referring to as Max from his repeated visits in my meditations 2 1/4 years before birth! 

I think it is the vision and hope of all seekers to find the white-bearded guide on a mountaintop that dispenses the secrets of the universe.  In my travels through the consciousness this week, I have learned how to access areas that have guides.  The information has not come to me that often in the form of a lecture.  But in today’s super flow, I finally got the verbal stream of information I have been looking for.

I wish to mention that it is possible I was getting this stream all along.  Or, I have been receiving the information in one form but processing in non-verbal manners.  During super flow I received a steady lecture and then some.

The Super Flow begins with the prep process of course.  I have found it continues to get more rich, deep, and beneficial each time.  The power it brings to the experience cannot be understated.

Some unique tones were being played and Robert Monroe tells us to gather all the parts of our self.  I have a vision of what I imagine was similar to Robert’s description of an I-There cluster (note:explain this further).  Patty and Bob and Deborah and I are there.  Deborah and I decide since we are the most out-going, we will zoom around and gather people up.  Patty and Bob will be the reception committee, they can advise and instruct people as we drop them off.

Then Robert instructs us up to focus 12.  I get there, it is a deep, expansive, I feel myself expanding out and up and around.  I have some visuals that I am not traveling anywhere.  It is as though all of reality is the same blob of “something”.  The different frequencies cause you to tune in to entirely different ways of perceiving the exact same space.  So I am not going anywhere when I leave from physical reality and head to focus 12.  I turn my perception dial and now it feels and acts different because the same matter or whatever it is that is the “blob of everything” is now coming in at a different wave of some kind.

I am told to move up at this point..or something.  In hindsight I missed an instruction, not sure, I just know I was moving up to 21.  21 felt good but was different, not as expansive and easy to perceive this time.  I was proud of myself for not stressing out about this, I stayed calm and kept trying to focus in on something.  For some reason it was semi-blocked.  I felt kind of in 21 but there was a veil of some kind.

Robert’s voice comes back on and says to go to 21.  Ah!  I was hearing focus 12 tones still but putting myself in 21.  I’ll have to ask the instructors about that one, how it pans out in their experiences.  In my experience, it created some confusion and a less effective focus level experience.

We head up to 21.  I am doing a lot better perceiving the colors at each level.  I feel them all around me.  This time passing through, I imagine that what I call “me” becomes a mass of static such as when a tv station is on a station that went off the air.  That static is the color of the focus level.  This seems effective, I really feel subtle differences in how each level interacts with me.  I get to 21 and chill out as ‘white static’ for awhile.

Robert tells us to ask help with any specific question you have.  I first say  in my mind “I am open to all answers.  Please give them in a way I can understand.  I will do my best not to project answers or judgment during the communication.”  I say this as an extra bonus intention on the focus level I am going to be at.  I have an idea that it will help.  Plus I want to hear unfiltered communication.  It has been helping visuals to use my imagination to get things going, but I want a sustained undeniable period where I am simply receiving without the shadow of a doubt.

I say “I want to know how I can manifest in my website, I want to know specific  detailed instructions about how the manifestation process works, and I want advice on leaving my body.”  I then have an aside thought to myself that if I get details manifestation instructions, obviously I can apply them to my site.  Then I had another thought, did that previous thought just come into the intention and affect the original question I had?  Was my question for guidance now “If I get get detailed manifestation instructions, I can then apply them to my site?”  Answer coming below!

Some energetic disturbance captures my middle right jaw bone’s attention…for lack of a better way to  put it.  At these expanded awareness levels, you get some sort of sensation in a place somewhere and then you say to yourself “hmm, what is going on” and calmly wait and focus on it.

A presence starts filling me with information, it somehow feels like it is origination from over by my right jawbone but outward.  And I can hear it as if I was thinking it myself, but I know it is not me.  Also, I can practice or picture applying the instructions as I hear them, and receive real-time feedback about this.  It is a fascinating and incredibly effective way to learn something.

Below is what I heard in quotes.  If there are no quotes, it is me asking or talking to the being.  If it is in parenthesis, it is what I started applying in my mental ‘test area’ of some kind, which would then get feedback.  Keep in mind since I am now typing this, I am realizing I might be off on the exact phrasing.  But I am doing my best to keep any interpretations out of the way so it is purely the message I received.

“Manifestation occurs because you can hold the feeling and imagery and then bring it into physical consciousness.  You don’t want to focus on specific actions that lead to your end goal.  No amounts, totals, no dates.  Because then you are manifesting those actions.  And the result of those actions might not lead you anywhere near where you want to be.  This usually gets misconstrued as you don’t need to take action.  That is hysterical and not true.  It is very tricky and most people focus on actions.  You want to get very vivid on just the end state and nothing else.  That is the first step.”

Where do I do this at?  What focus level, where do I imagine it at? (aside to reader:  I just remember wondering this but not explicitly directing the question)

“Focus 10.  You want to be close to the physical reality when you are manifesting.  You can come up to higher guidance levels for inspiration, advice, guidance, consultation, exploration, but when it comes down to the point where you want it to happen, you are to do your imagining and picturing of the reality you want to create in focus 10.”

So I want my website to do well enough so that my wife does not have to go back to work after having the baby.  And I want our standard of living to be elevated beyond where we are now.  I want both things to happen at the same time.

“Picture the end state and how it feels, smells, how it is with you in that state.  Try it out.”

(I picture myself giddy.  My wife is at home with the baby.  I picture this flood of business and orders.  I start picturing a bank account figure.)

“Don’t picture the bank account figure, it is a specific.

(I picture posting a video that causes my website traffic to go to 7,000 visitors in a day)

“No specific visitor count.  Picture this mass of humanity, like in a movie when they keep doing more and more split screens to show a lot of people talking  about something.  This mass of humans looking at computer screens with your video head talking, its global, you are looking down at the globe and this is happening.”

(I start doing that.  Then I am excitedly talking about how website traffic is through the roof.  I am making plans with my brother for him to run the site full-time. I talk to Mark about working on the site.  I am explaining to Melissa that their salaries are just a partial cut of the site income.  I kick off the video distribution by logging into traffic geyser to distribute my videos.)

“Don’t focus on distributing the videos, that is an action that leads to your result.”

(I start back over.  I repeat the last visual but leave out the video distribution.  I picture our mountain home.  When I picture it, it feels like home.  I get out of a pool, I realize it is a salt water pool from the house on my vision board.  It seems very natural, I am getting out of my own pool.  I am talking to realtors with Melissa about our requirements for a Colorado house, we want a big yard, a large home, a great school, a mountain view.  I walk around feeling incredible about all of this, just about bursting with how happy I am.)

I intuitively Know that this is the right way.  I don’t receive any correction, but the emotion of giddiness rises up in me that I finally know what to do.  I then wonder about action.  Immediately I get answers.

“You do have to take action.  But you need it to be inspired action.  There are specific ways to get this inspired action.  You go to focus 12 or a higher focus, focus 12 is fine and works very well.  You ask for guidance.  You can say specifically ‘what should I do to grow my website’, or ‘what should I do now in my business’, or ‘what is the next step towards financial freedom’, or it could go on and on and on.  You have already done this often earlier in the week.”

I think back to why I was picturing the video distribution software, because I had asked for what to ask for, then got a huge stream of ideas around the question that I had asked for!  Read all about that day here (note: link to one breath section).

Finally a cohesive way to apply focus levels to the law of attraction for manifesting.  There has to be action, but it is inspired action.  There has to be focusing, but not on actions, just results.

Robert Monroe comes on at the perfect time and says “ask another question you wish to receive the answer for”.  I say “How will I write my best-selling book and how will it come about?”

“do as you have just done, picture the result.  You are already writing it right now.  Picture everything that comes with your best-selling book. “  So I start in-

I picture the overwhelming feeling of joy when it is done and has come together.  I picture inspiration has flowed through me and into the book and it has perfectly expressed what it needs to.  I am excitedly telling my wife.  I talk to Jonathan Ellerby, he has an agent I can send my query letter though, I am writing the query letter..

“That is a specific action – and you haven’t asked for inspired action in a higher level about actions to take on this book yet. “

I start over, and after I get done telling my wife I am speaking at events.  There is a booth I’m at for Celerbrate Your Life where I am signing a copy and people are milling around.  I am talking at the conference, then it’s a bigger conference, I am up there and the words come through me, divine inspiration.  I’m at the Hay House conference.  I think about how hay House authors are probably the only ones that get to speak at that conference.  So my book must be published by Hay House.  I start thinking of that process of how I negotiated with Hampton Roads and Hay House…

“Specifics.  You don’t know who is going to publish it yet or how it will come to be published.  You haven’t asked or receiving inspired action instructions at a higher level for that yet.”

I re-wind the book imagery.  When it gets to the speaking part, I don’t focus on any conference, just that I am helping others, my message is clear, then I have hemi-sync workshops I am leading, the bonus day is following this creation process in full with hemi-sync guidance, I am alive, I can barely contain my enthusiasm during the workshops, I am living my passion.

There was no correction during this one.  I had nailed 2 of them!  It was fascinating to me how I could start thinking of actions.  It is a tricky slope to hold the pictures, or I should say movies, and not have your rational mind interject with curiosity or judgment about something.  After all, that is how we roam about the physical world.  We get curious, we make judgments, we try to figure out how to accomplish things.

I was beaming at this point.  It all made sense.  I had been meticulously asking many of the experts during our week, and I had spent years and lots of money trying to get the answers I just received.  It always bothered me about how to tie action correctly to your vision.  Now it was crystal –clear.

Robert came back on sometime after this and reminded us to express gratitude.  I beamed out gratitude.  It was easy to do.  It was not a verbal “Thank you” devoid of emotion.  My entire being, all the energy I know to be me, shot out this sensation of how grateful I felt to finally have my long-searched-for answers revealed.

I started to descend down focus levels.  There was a very audible “bop” on my left skull bone where the headphones came across.  I felt it also and heard it.  Something was trying to get my attention.  I wondered if it was about my other question related to out of body travel.  Then I had a strong sense of smell.  Did I crap my pants during this?

If I did I might’ve had to edit it out (just kidding, I would’ve left it in to my wife’s horror)!  It was something familiar, and it had a definite sense of poop.  It was diapers.

And then Max was looking at me again.  The perfect blend of Melissa and I.  He has a combo of our foreheads.  My hair.  Blue eyes, which is my color, but the consistency(?) is like Melissa’s.  Her nose and eye bones.  It is fascinating, he simply looks like our kid.  I tell him I can’t wait to meet him soon.  He doesn’t say anything.  I remember that sometime earlier in this exercise I had thought I loved non-physical and then realized that I would stick in the physical because I wanted to be with my family.

I sit here dumbfounded after I wrote this.  I have done all sorts of affirmations and visualizations around my best-selling book.  It always has something  around the title or fact that “Find out how I created a million dollar website and this book.”  I always felt like I had to make the million before I could tell people how to do it.  It seems the process of finding out how to do it is the book, just as I had felt the inspiration to write about.




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