law of attractionThe Law of Attraction has gained wide stream popularity with the release of the “The Secret”. There is more to this universal law than picturing yourself winning the lottery. You need to be focused and concentrated on your goals. Hemi-sync meditation cds have helped me tremendously with my efforts using “The Secret”. (whoa…you need to read my meditation blog after applying )

Starting your day off with a morning meditation is a key component to creating your day. I use the morning exercise hemi-sync cd a couple times a week. It gets me focused on the most important actions of that day to accomplish my goals. I also wake up feeling refreshed and alert. Consciously participating in creating my day and then noticing the coincidences and effects of that effort is fascinating, and more importantly I get what I want more.

When I am going through my daily affirmation, I use a mental trick to help program my reality. It is a mental cue to my subconscious to take extra notice of what I am picturing in my mind, and to speed up its delivery into the world. Hemi-sync creation cds help to create the access channel to my subconscious that allows my conscious mind to give it direction.

Visualization tools are a crucial component of manifesting change in your life. Repeating “I have a new job I love” over and over doesn’t get you that far. Your subconscious responds much better to detailed and accurate pictures and feelings. This ability to picture future outcomes is creative visualization. Creative visualization quality rises when you are focused and attentive to what you are visualizing. There are meditation cds that put you in a deeply focused meditation state before beginning the visualization process. This will greatly enhance the vividness of the scene you are creating in your mind, which will then in turn enhance the speed in which it manifests.

The law of attraction is a universal law like gravity. Man learned to overcome gravity with the use of science and fly in the sky. We can also use science to use the law of attraction to better the quality of our lives with the best meditation cds aiding us.

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