creative visualization can speed up manifestationCreative visualization is using your mind to imagine a scene of something you wish to create in your life. It sounds simple enough; Simply close your eyes and daydream. But there are some subtleties that are very important when visualizing.

One key thing to remember is to picture yourself in the scene you are imagining. I forget this one a lot so hopefully you remember better than I do. I start visualizing a great vacation or business venture, but in the visualization scene I am looking out my own eyes rather than seeing myself in the scene. This is not the optimal way to visually create. It took awhile for me to get used to visualizing myself like I was watching a movie that I was in.

Another important tip for visual creation is to keep your brain relaxed and focused. I find guided meditation cds specifically for visualization to be very helpful. They put my brain in the optimal state to focus and manifest.

When performing a visualization, make the scene as vivid as possible. Feel textures, hear sounds, smell aromas. But do this while also picturing yourself in the scene…this is where I trip up sometimes. I start conversing while in the visualization, and suddenly it is like the camera has switched to first person view rather than projecting on a screen. I have gotten better with practice and the help of hemi-sync cds, but it is still a challenge to be aware of.

Creative visualization
is a great tool for manifestation. Remember these tips and your visualization creations will be more productive.