Morning Meditation CDMorning meditation helps you gain focus at the start of your day before the day gets away from you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to bed at night with the best of intentions for the next day. I was going to wake up and hit the ground running! Write a blog post, post a new meditation article here, go to the gym, catch up on email, what a productive day!

Of course, the next morning comes, I hit snooze when my alarm goes off. Then I grab coffee and surf the net. Then I answer a bunch of emails from friends and co-workers. I take a few phone calls, then look up and its time for lunch. Does this sound like one of your mornings?

I still have those mornings occasionally. And they are a lot of fun.

But there are many days when I want the day to go as I planned. I have things I want to accomplish and focus on, and the resulting anxiety and disappointment if I don’t get to them is not worth it. For these days, I use the Morning Exercise cd from Hemi-Sync to create my day.

The Morning Exercise cd is a morning meditation to help you get focused. I keep a small portable cd player on my nightstand with the morning exercise cd in it. When I wake up, I put in my earbuds and hit play.

Start your day right with our morning meditation mp3

The cd spends a few minutes getting you into a meditation state. This is easier than most times in the day, because you are still lying in bed from the night before. Surprisingly I have never fallen back asleep using this cd. Then the verbal guidance instructs me to think about the most important thing that I can accomplish this day. A

fter I decide this, the guide then tells me to picture myself achieving that goal. While I am visualizing this, the Hemi-Sync tones in the background are helping to put an imprint in my self-conscious that the goal for the day is already completed. The better I can get at believing that my goal is already done, the better chance that it will get done.

The guide then has me picture additional activities that I want to do for the day. Then I repeat in my mind a number of powerful, positive affirmations for my attitude, outlook, mental well-being, and physical health. The cd wraps up by gently but firmly bringing me to full alert.

At this point I often jump right out of bed jacked up with energy. I have found I stay much more focused on my goals for the day with this cd. In particular, the mornings are very productive rather than spending the time on chat or email. The feeling of having accomplished what I specifically intended, rather than simply reacting to the day’s events, is a powerful state that I enjoy returning to.  Use morning meditation to become focused and cheerful to start your day.

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