Some people do major life analysis as part of a new year’s resolution process.  I have found another time that works well for me.  I like to take stock of my life before or during vacation.  Vacation is always such a great time, it makes me think, why can’t I be on vacation more often?

A recent channeled intuitive reading gave me some advice on manifesting.  Rather than merely plunge forward with the new tactics and techniques, I decided to look at what currently existed in my life and run it through the manifestation process advice I had received.  It was very eye opening and might help you with your manifestation efforts.

I’m going to summarize the steps, and then look at how they have worked for me, and how I’ve been ignorant of them, and my results.  Perhaps you’ll be able to use this to make your life easier or more successful in some way.

Step 1:  Intention – You state your intentions in the present tense as already having received them.  Think of it placing an order at a restaurant.  If you want some pad thai noodles, you don’t tell the waiter “Hey man, once I exercise, be a good person, and work hard, I will deserve a nice meal.  At that time, could you bring me a bowl of pad thai noodles, extra spicy?”

This is how a lot of people craft their intentions.  They are vague, set in the future, or dependent on other actions.   Don’t make that mistake.  Review your intentions to make sure you can answer the following questions:
Is it clear?
Does it match what I want?
How does it feel?
Is it vivid?

Step 2: Expectation – what are the beliefs? Attitudes? Behaviors? Past experiences?  Any thought forms need dissolving? What voices need to be cleared? How clear is my connection to my own sources of guidance and inspiration?  Where am I on the fear of failure?  Where am I on failure because I wasn’t following the rules or paying attention?

This one is where I need to stay most vigilant.  I have huge expectations and then it creates stress and anxiety over the things I most want to do, before I even start them.  Don’t do that, trust me.  You’ll see what I mean when I discuss my results in life with the process later on.

Step 3: Action – don’t listen to a million voices.  Were my actions appropriate?  Start taking action and then analyze the results, don’t just wait for the perfect action to always reveal itself.

Step 4: Consequence – The results and consequences of your intention are a perfect reflection of what’s been put into the project.    I know this can be disheartening or angering to read if you are overweight, not making a lot of money, looking for love, unsatisfied, whatever your ailment.  I find it a relief to feel that I am responsible, and can therefore change, something in my life I don’t want anymore or never wanted to begin with.  Reading from the consequences of what I intended, expected, acted on, and reacted to, is extremely valuable.   Because if you are disappointed with a result in your life now, at least you can see how you got there and start living differently going forward.

Think of yourself as a scientist performing tests.  You pour intention, your expectations on how your intention will manifest (hopefully none), actions, and your reactions to previous attempts at this intention into a beaker.  Out come the results on the other end.

Step 5: Reaction – As consequences and results begin to appear based on the intentions, expectations, and actions I’ve taken, how do I react to them?  Here is where all the power lies.  If I am throwing a pity party, I am blocking the growth process.  Am I reacting in a way that keeps the growth?

I’ve blown the reaction one QUITE a bit in the past.  Here is how it went down for me in the past:  I am confident in the manifestation process.  I think about my intentions, visualize, and then take action.  Something doesn’t happen that I expected (this is also an expectation issue).  I get discouraged, angry, agitated, disappointed, or anxious.  I decide that it is a sign from the universe that I am not supposed to receive that intention, or that my destiny is something else, or some other new-agey reason.  But it is actually my fault.

Let’s review the process:
1.    Set intentions
2.    Let go of expectations
3.    Take action
4.    Receive results and consequences from the first 3 steps
5.    React, learn, and adjust from step 4

, where I break down my successes and failures through the lens of this process.



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