Meditate at the Click of a Button in this 45 minute free meditation workshop during lunch hour.

Lunch Hour Meditation for Stress Relief, Optimal Performance, and Making the Rest of Your Day Better

The news is filled with all of the great things you’ll gain from meditation:
•    Weight Loss
•    Stress Relief
•    Increased Productivity
•    Better Sex
•    Improved Health

So why aren’t you meditating more?  Maybe you always plan on doing it once other things get done, but then you get busy, and it’s another day of hectic busyness and reacting to emails/IMs/texts.  Or you tried it once and it seemed hard, or weird, or you were unsure of how to sit, or couldn’t stop thinking?

Let’s try an experiment together on Wednesday 3/13/13 :  Meditation during the work day.  It will relieve some of the stress of your morning and give you a great outlook on the rest of your day.

Starting at 1215pm in the Merchandise Mart, we’ll have a 15 minute discussion on meditation technology that allows you to close your eyes and effortlessly meditate.   Then at 1230pm there will be a 20 minute guided meditation that we will do as a group.  This meditation technique involves putting on headphones and closing your eyes.  You can do this sitting in a chair or on the floor if you prefer.

This meditation technology is called binaural beats.  Binaural beats are training wheels for your brain to learn the feeling of a meditative state.  Or if you already know the feeling, it provides a quick shortcut to return to meditation’s calm oasis.

RSVP via Meetup or read below.

The Space:  Allsteel, 1120 Merchandise Mart (that’s the 11th floor), Chicago!

The Time:  1215pm – 1250pm

What to Bring:  Any set of headphones or ear buds will do.  I will have a limited supply for those that forget to bring any.

We have a great space for this downtown lunch time meditation.  There is room for 20 people.
RSVP now to reserve your space and headset:







About Scott Desgrosseilliers, of

I have been studying meditation and astral projection since I discovered the metaphysical section of Waldenbooks back in 1989 at the age of 17.  I read Robert Monroe’s book “Journeys Out of the Body” and a lifelong quest was launched to know and experience what Robert knew with conviction:  That we are more than our physical bodies.

I’ve undergone meditation trainings and workshops in the Himalayas, through various meditation and spirituality workshops in the US, completed the Course in Miracles, completed Yogananda’s at-home study program, and am a certified Monroe Institute Outreach facilitator.

It is my mission to embody the master intention:  Let everything be done in service, for the greater good of all, as an expression of my life purpose, and bringing myself and others closer to the Source.



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