Marianne-Williamson-Scott-Desgrosseilliers-640Hearing Marianne Williamson present at Celebrate Your Life demonstrated the power of being over the practice of doing.  When she is on the stage there is no doubt that she fully embodies what she teaches.  Some type of alchemy takes place in the listener, or at least it did for me.  I entered a state of relaxed focus that felt like an active, eyes open meditation.

This listening state is very similar to Focus 10 from the Gateway meditation series. Focus 10 is known as mind awake, body asleep.  I did not slump over and start snoring during Marianne’s speech though!   But I was no longer aware or concerned with my body, and instead allowed the information to flow into my brain without constant analysis and judgment.

Marianne presented some ideas from her new book “A Course in Weight Loss”.  Prior to hearing her speak, this topic did not excite me.  In fact, it kind of irritated me when I read the title.  I had decided that the book was being marketed that way to make some easy money off people trying to lose weight.

I was wrong about that assumption!  This is yet another example of how the mind can make judgments that block perception.  I read the title and made up all sorts of crap in my mind.  I am still not sure why I would do such a thing.

Marianne talked about how forgiveness of your self can lead to weight loss.  People hold onto the weight as protection from the outside world.  By forgiving yourself of past slights, hurts, and traumas, weight will start to drop off.   You will take better, more healthy actions.  These actions will be easier to take towards a healthier you when the actions of your past that cause you pain are forgiven.

This is a pretty radical concept.  Many people were nodding along, grateful for Marianne’s clear and lucid explanation of a tricky metaphysical concept.  Here is my extremely, extremely compressed outline of a speech that had an incredible amount of knowledge and insight to be gained.
1.    You are responsible for your current life experience
2.    Forgive yourself and others for things you have judged to be wrong or mistaken
3.    Life flows more easily and enjoyably in your favor as you can accept points #1 and #2

Some people in the audience were extremely angry at the news that they might have any responsibility for their excess weight.  It seemed they were interpreting the speech along the lines of “I am overweight because I am not spiritual enough.”  During an open mike a few people expressed this, and Marianne handled them with great care and love despite their agitation towards her.

I remember reading “Return to Love” by Marianne.  It is the book that made her famous.  I was in the middle of A Course In Miracles at the time and wanted to write a book about the experience.  My attitude while reading was “I need to read this to see if I can write a better book on the Course”.  Since I was coming from a place of critical judgment and jealousy, I can’t remember much about the book except that I thought I could write a better one!  So embarrassing to admit now, but I guess the fact that I can see it now is progress (I hope).

Listening to Marianne Williamson speak, I realized that who I am and how I show up to life has a great impact on how life reflects back on me.  Whatever degree I can be the person I want to be in the present moment, rather than merely reacting to life events, will dictate the person I end up becoming.




  • a
    on June 29, 2011 Reply

    Scott – really like this blog entry. Thanks for including it in your mailing.
    Cheers ! and thanks again.

  • Nadia
    on June 29, 2011 Reply

    Thanks Scott<3 beautifully stated. I state that when with an audience or one-one Marianne is PLUGGED in like an AVATAR. I could not have described as you did. I ressonate 🙂

    • admin
      on July 12, 2011 Reply

      Thank you for the kind words Nadia!

  • Nancy
    on June 29, 2011 Reply

    I am aware of the power of Mr. Harris’s Holosync and Marianne’s use of it in music is absolutely a remarkable thing to listen too. I want to buy them all! Thank you Scott for sharing this with me…

  • Nancy
    on June 29, 2011 Reply

    oops…sorry… but upon further reading from this site, the man behind the Hemi-Sync discovery is Robert Monroe.

    • admin
      on July 12, 2011 Reply

      Hi Nancy,

      What I had meant to state in the post was that the sensation of my mind was like that of when I listen to hemi-sync, not that Marianne was using Hemi-Sync in her speech. I am a huge fan of Robert Monroe to the extent that I am an accredited Gateway Trainer from the Monroe Institute.

      Have a good one,

  • enrich me
    on June 29, 2011 Reply

    What is inside of us is what shows outside…if we are carrying lot of excess baggage of judgments, anger ,resentment- it manifests and shows up in diff ways. I know that past programming etc had great deal to do with obesity BUT this is new information that carrying judgmental attitudes and by not forgiving, we tend to keep on our weight..hmmm…very insightful

  • Paulette
    on June 29, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for sharing this, Scott. I too, often create my own story about a person and assume it’s the truth. Like you I have come to see this and forgive myself. and yes, what Marianne says about weight gain is true. I have often met overweight people and sensed how they use the excess weight to block or to protect.

    • admin
      on July 12, 2011 Reply

      Paulette, Glad I have a like-mind out there. Take it easy.

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