The participants and the teachers had a wide range of experiences at this past weekend’s Inner Guidance event.  Some people received specific dates for engagements, cross-country moves, and clear messages on their next steps.  But  2 participants did not receive the guidance they were looking for.

That got me thinking about my experiences and how it came to be that I can now always receive guidance, messages, imagery, and intuitive knowings.  Because it wasn’t always that way, not by a long shot.  A quick scan in my mind led me to the rather unexciting phrase “Meditation Practice”.

It’s often left out of the sales pages for various meditation and spirituality products, but unless you are one of the people that has been gifted with nonphysical perception that you have not shut down on your own, you have a choice.

The choice is that you can stay a seeker, bouncing from “guru” to “guru”, trying out Oprah’s latest flavor of the month and feeling spiritually superior, or you can practice meditation each day.

I had shiny spiritual object syndrome and was on a mad quest earlier in life.  I would read a book and buy a CD and try it right away, convinced that I just needed that one missing ingredient or technique and then I would be bending spoons and molding reality to fit my thoughts for the day.

In actuality, after I meditated for about 10 years, and then went to a week-long retreat specifically on manifestation, AND worked heavily on my limiting beliefs, I did bend a spoon, light a light bulb, affect dice rolls, and other cool things.  Not quite as exciting or enticing as flicking mental light switch and having special powers, but the practice led to the result.

I’m not suggesting you don’t continue to learn and grow from Oprah and her Soul Sunday teacher of the week, there are some great ones.   But spiritual growth is like long-term investing, consistency and time can create the positive changes, open up nonphysical worlds, and give you the intuitive knowing that you are making progress this life.

I first got started on cassette tapes back for the Gateway Experience back in 1999 after doing an altavista (It was THE search engine back then…see how things can change?)  search on Robert Monroe.  Almost every day I would listen to one of the 6 exercises.  I kept going back to the Free Flow focus 10 exercise which had about 30 minutes of the “Mind Awake, Body Asleep” state.

Not knowing what I was doing, I would tense my brow in an effort to deepen my focus.  I would stare out into the grainy 3D blackness behind my eyes, waiting for some Moses-like figure to hand me the next version of the 10 commandments or something.

Instead of a famous religious figure, what happened was I would feel these intense sensations of pressure in the area near my skull.  It was like a nonphysical drill was boring into some invisible sheath in my sinuses, only it wasn’t in my sinuses, but at the same time it was that exact area.

It seems pretty clear now that I was happening my 6th chakra opened up.  This took a few months.  I did not know it was my 6th chakra opening, I still don’t have some visual of an invisible helper or something with a drill smiling and saying “Yes Scott, that it was it was”, but it seems like a decent possibility.

So you are welcome to take any path you want.  But keeping a small consistent simple meditation practice, of the style of your choosing, will accrue benefits.



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