Meditation-Awareness-In-ParentingMeditation leads to greater awareness of your Self and the present moment. A recent parenting situation showed me how my awareness gave me the chance for deeper knowledge of myself and the lessons to be learned.

I have learned over the past year that being a parent provides me with the greatest vehicle for spiritual growth I could have asked for. I consistently affirm my desire to evolve spiritually and have been rewarded with an answer beyond my expectations in the form of our daughter Lily.

We were at a cookout a few weeks ago and Lily kept earnestly trying to get an older boy’s attention. The older boy was annoyed with a baby that kept holding a spoon up to his face and walked away. Lily looked after him perplexed.

This simple, innocent scene threw me for so many emotions it took me a month to process and share it with you!

At first I was entertained at her antics. Then I realized she was already chasing older men (like her mother) and began grabbing my brow at her future dating escapades. She was giving me wrinkles; perhaps these future lines in my face should be named Lily love lines.

When the boy resisted her offering, I learned a whole new level of parental anxiety. Were her feelings hurt? Should I go lecture that innocent boy like some psycho over-protective parent? I felt pretty helpless and nervous because I realized that while I would do anything to protect her feelings, what happened in Lily’s mind was beyond my control.

A recent powerful intuitive reading advised me to always ask “What is the growth in this situation”? I did not ask myself that question when Lily’s toy offering was refused. But it struck me on the train today what my lesson is from the situation.

A great lesson to teach my daughter is that love comes from within, and to seek approval and validation outside of her Self is the wrong place to look.

If Lily can be armed in the world with this belief, then when she experiences rejection, she will know it is not a judgment of her worthiness and whether she deserves love.

I’ve read so many stories (and lived a few myself) of people repeating cycles of behaviors and relationships to find something “out there” when they will only find it inside. Anything I can do as her father to help her save time and mental anguish learning this lesson will be a great relief.

Why did this pop up to me on the train a month later? My intent is to blog about something that might provide the most benefit to the most people reading. This situation downloaded into my head along with the lesson from it. My repeated meditation practice created the awareness to receive the message without too much judgment or rush to fill in the details until it was all in place to be put in this blog.



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