Meditation benefits can be for specific ailments or problems, or general preventative health. I am skeptical when I read advertisements that tell me how a supplement is going to benefit my health. I like health benefits that I can experience directly. There is no denying the healthy feeling from a quality meditation session. I feel alert, focused, and refreshed. That is a direct experience of meditation’s positive aspects. Backing up these healthy feelings are countless studies show that more meditation equals better well-being.


meditation benefits

Meditation benefits can have you feeling like this on the inside.


I am one cranky Maine boy if I don’t get my sleep.  Our bodies need rest.  Sleep meditation can provide that rest.  I am lucky that I can generally fall asleep like a rock.  But once a week or so I will be lying restless in bed with my mind refusing to stop thinking.  A sleep meditation cd quiets my mind and gets me to sleep in minutes.

Another time that my mind won’t settle down is when I have a long tedious mental task ahead of me. Fans of the movie “Office Space” might picture the boss asking for his TPC reports. Every office worker has his version of TPC reports, those obnoxious and insanely boring duties that make up corporate work life. Stress training that includes various meditation techniques can help out here.

Focus and concentration meditation cds get me locked into an activity I have to do but don’t necessarily want to do. Meditation for concentration will allow me to effortlessly tune in and sharpen my attention on what I choose to focus on. Some people find these cds the only way to get some of their boring work tasks completed.

I go the gym and try to watch my diet so that my body stays healthy. Keeping your brain healthy is something that sounds like a good idea, but doesn’t sound so easy to accomplish. I don’t see any brain gyms in downtown Chicago. It is a vague concept to keep your brain health up. Meditation provides long-term brain health by the increased production of positive brain chemicals and decreasing the stress chemicals. A great way to decrease stress chemicals is through relaxation. Meditation for relaxation eases stress and tension while elevating your mood.

There are many experiences in life that you have to experience to understand its impact. Whole brain thinking is one of those experiences. You feel alert, focused, intelligent, energized…it is a mental state you will enjoy and want to return to.

I know about meditation benefits because I feel them every time I get the time to meditate. It has made such an impact on my life I created this site.


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