Focus and concentration are elusive in these days of the internet, cell phones, texting, and internet chat. I know that I need help keeping away distractions and getting down to the work I need to accomplish. The easiest way for me to do this is with Einstein’s Dream, a meditation music cd I have that blends music and hemi-sync tones that help focus and concentration. I am listening to it right now as I type this. Whenever I need to block out distractions for a job, there is no better tool than Einstein’s Dream.

meditation for concentration

Meditation for concentration helps you lock your focus in.

Einstein’s Dream gets its name because the meditation cd is an interpretation of Einstein’s favorite music. There are hemi-sync tones layered within the music that you can hear as a comforting hum in the background. This music creates the “Mozart Effect”, because it induces relaxation while heightening mental abilities.

There are numerous tasks that I find this meditation for concentration cd helpful with:

  • Work projects that require a lot of detail – This cd helps me get locked in when the last thing I want to do is the work at hand.
  • Blogging – I can start a blog post and then start wandering around the internet. This cd keeps me on my blog topic.
  • Writing for this site! – I listened to this cd while writing the majority of this site. While I love meditation, it is easy to get distracted when working from home. The hemi-sync tones keep me on point.

Everyone has projects and jobs that require time that they don’t want to give. Einstein’s Dream will allow you to relax and stay on task.  Focus and concentration are now effortless using meditation for concentration.