Regardless of how you decide to practice meditation, a benefit you will experience is how meditation serves as stress training.  Here at, I consistently get comments about how I never get stressed.  This is inaccurate.  I get stressed a lot, its a natural part of living.  But how my body and mental state choose to respond to stress causes the “threat” to dissipate quickly.

Stress Training links:

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Attacking Anxiety:  Knowing the physical symptoms of anxiety can help you craft a plan to defeat it.

Stress Training Tips:  Sometimes practical and simple is the quickest route to stress relief.

Anxiety Cures:  My fear of flying took more than meditation to cure the anxiety I felt.

Cure Panic Attacks:  When suffering from panic attacks, life can be quite miserable until you find a cure.

Office Stress Training:  The power of sound to quickly and effectively reduce stress.