There is a large section of our population that deals with anxiety on a regular basis. That anxiety is due to a faulty mindset – it has a number of different causes that are all related to harmful and negative responses to life events. Anxiety itself can drastically impact your quality of life, which is why it is so important for those living with anxiety to try to figure out the causes of their fears and find a potential long term solution.

Many of these responses are due to feelings of needing, emptiness, and doubt. They’re due to the feelings of scarcity that cause you to focus on the negative, and those negative emotions lead to anxiety, nervousness, and stress over the past, present, and future. When you live a life that focuses on these negative qualities, you put yourself at risk for experiencing persistent anxiety, and that anxiety makes it even harder to focus on life’s many positives.

Achieving Abundance

One of the most powerful, positive feelings is that of abundance. When most people think of abundance they think of wealth, but abundance itself simply means “to have an excess of.” Abundance can be felt in every facet of your life.

  • You can feel an abundance of friendship from those you care about.
  • You can feel an abundance of wonder of the world around you.
  • You can feel an abundance of hope for a greater future.

There is not a single facet of your life that cannot bring you abundance provided that you are able to change your mindset from looking at things as scarce to soaking in their complete value.

How Abundance Can Affect Anxiety

It’s here where we see the many ways that abundance can reduce your overall anxiety and stress. Interestingly, just as abundance can help you relax and enjoy life, so too can you experience more abundance if you can find a way to relax. Abundance requires you to  break down the wall that society has taught you – the walls of cynicism, fear, and jealousy – and focus on all of the things that the world brings. Once you are able to do that, you will experience greater levels of happiness and relaxation, and reduce your feelings of anxiety.

Benefits of Abundance on Anxiety

•    Less Fear
Anxiety itself is caused by fear, such as a fear about what you can achieve in the future. But when you have reached abundance, that fear goes away. You no longer worry about what you can and can’t do as time goes on. You instead focus on everything you are already receiving. Even the goals you create in the future cause less fear, because as you work to achieve those goals, you allow your mind to focus only on the positive outcomes, and reduce your concern over the less positive outcomes.

•    Greater Social Support
Another reason that people experience anxiety is because they have been unable to appreciate the love and support they experience from others, and that causes them to feel more alone. Loneliness often feeds anxiety, because it gives off the experience of being “without.” But when you are able to achieve abundance, you are able to allow all of the love and affection you receive from others to break through the cynic wall you have put up for yourself. Once it shines through, you’ll no longer feel as though you’re alone, and your overall depression and anxiety levels will decrease.

•    Potential
Abundance is also about hope. Those that achieve abundance do not simply give up on their goals. Rather, they continue to try to achieve new goals, and give themselves something to look forward to in the future. Perhaps more importantly, they don’t let their failures hold them back, because they know there is still more to accomplish. Many times anxiety is caused by focusing too much on the negatives, and not looking at the positive things that you can achieve. But when you have reached abundance, you are able to change that mindset, and your potential will keep you focused towards all of the great things you can do in life – living a life free of regrets.

Experiencing the Power of Abundance

Reaching abundance represents a significant change in your life – one that can provide you with everlasting benefits. Those that live with abundance realize the everlasting giving that comes from life itself, and embrace all of the things the universe does for them. This is an area that most of the population needs to improve, because when you are unable to experience that abundance from life, you may suffer from nervousness, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. Teaching yourself to live a life of abundance, on the other hand, can be the safe and effective treatment you need to thrive, and live a happy life with each passing day.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera was raised with a scarcity mindset. He used several tools to try to break down that wall and live a life free of anxiety. He writes about those techniques at

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