It is my intention that today’s lesson will save you time and struggle.

To say that I am an avid student of the law of attraction is to say that Julia Childs was passionate about French cooking, Steve Jobs was passionate about the iPod, and or Beethoven was passionate about music.  I’ve watched all the movies, took the seminars, read over 10,000 pages of books, manuals, how-to’s, and “secrets”, and most importantly, done a LOT of testing of the methods.  And that is where I can help you.

By analyzing the 20 most important goals I’ve had from 1990-2012, covering high school graduation until the moment I am typing these words, some extremely obvious patterns for achieving goals have emerged.

Rather than package these into a set of “missing secrets”, I’m offering to them to you today because they are more of a synthesis of other works and processes.  Consider it my service to you for today.  So let’s just dive right in.

There are dozens of ways to write your intentions, state your affirmations, and imagine your visualizations.  It is very easy to get lost in the world of specific techniques.  The technique isn’t going to matter that much as long you keep in mind the following:

Establish a daily routine that makes you absolutely convinced without any doubt that you are going to achieve your goal.

All of the various meditations, written exercises, guided audios, workbooks, workshops, intensives, you name it…they are all fun, often valuable, and I love going to them.  But they have to eradicate doubt and instill unshakeable confidence that whatever your goal is, you know, deep in your bones, with unshakeable conviction, that it is going to happen.

To determine how you are wired to manifest, you can embark on personal archaeology of your past achievements.  This saves you a lot of time that might otherwise be spent applying new law of attraction processes that won’t work for you.  Because if something has worked in the past, it probably will work in the future.  Let me show you with a few examples from my past:

In high school, I watched the movie “Wall Street’ and decided as I left the movie theater that I was going to be Bud Fox, the stock broker played by Charlie Sheen in the movie.  I was convinced that I would pursue a career in the stock market.  Thinking about it gave me excitement like nothing else ever had.  I internally knew, without any doubt, that I would someday be working on the stock market.

Notice that this particular goal achievement process was strictly in my mind and emotions.

I did some research on stock investing, bought some books, looked at university programs, and pursued a degree in finance.  I got out of school, took odd waiter jobs until one day, while in Daytona Beach skimming a newspaper waiting for my friends, a classified job jumped out at me about become a stock trader in Orlando.  I was working for the stock trading company one month later, my goal achieved.

This was not an overnight success.  I also did not follow a specific process, but always had the internal confidence and feeling that I would be a stock trader.

A much quicker process happened that led me to my wife.  I was having issues with a girl I was dating.  I began to focus on how I wanted to feel inside when I was with the woman of my dreams.  I didn’t picture a specific appearance (even though my wife is stunning, which is a nice added perk), or how we would meet, or where we would meet.  I just kept closing my eyes, picturing how I’d feel, and hanging out in that feeling for 10-15 minutes.

Within 1 month, the girl I was dating was long gone, and I had met my wife on the elevator…we had lived one floor apart for 8 months and never met!  Now, we would randomly see each other 3-5 times a week, which led to hanging out, and then a first date that led to marriage, kids, and the whole 9 yards.

There is no way to prove that I met her strictly because of my meditation efforts on how I wanted to feel.  But it is tough to explain how you can go 8 months without knowing someone existed, and then literally, randomly, run into them over 20 times in 30 days, and the only change is a meditation process!

Let me show you a process that does not work for me.  For this meditation site, I was using a manifestation approach of visualization.  I would picture the sales statistics in my ecommerce program, picture me writing articles for the site, and picture my site visit statistics going up.

It was a disaster.

When I picture things and can’t evoke the feeling, it is just mental masturbation.  Avoid this, it is not fun, wastes your time, and doesn’t get you any closer to your goals.  The emotion and the belief are what matters.

So my best advice to you is to spend time each day thinking about what you want.  Ask yourself if it feels possible.  Being to imagine it as already arrived.  Note how you feel about that…does it feel like a pipe dream?  Are you embarrassed to even tell anyone that you might want to achieve it?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to work on removing your limiting beliefs.  We’ll talk about that in a future lesson.

If you believe it is possible, then focus on how good it feels to be living in the moment of accomplishment.  Bask in that feeling for 15 minutes, it’s a nice place to be.   After doing this for a short but consistent time, anywhere between 2-30 days, and your outside world will start presenting you with avenues and opportunities.  That’s when the fun begins.

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