Sometimes we place too much emphasis on whoever is ordained the latest “guru” by the media. I’m not saying these people do or don’t have useful knowledge to share with others, but putting mythical status on someone is probably not a good idea. After all, we’re all human.

I was in the Himalayas 5 years ago and as part of my trip I got 2 hours of dedicated private time each day with a meditation and yoga teacher. I was very fired up; Finally, the secrets of the universe would be revealed to me!

Well…they might have been. But there was no elaborate initiation rituals or trials. I did not have to crack an ancient Freemason or DaVinci code. Instead I received detailed instruction on how to breathe.

A trait that I am happy to possess is the ability to (usually, not always) suspend judgment. I practiced the yogi’s breathing exercises, known as pranayama, very diligently. I was startled to realize that something we all do every few seconds could be a doorway to deeper awareness.

I present to you one of the meditation breathing exercises below. Keep in mind that you can adjust the duration of pauses (you’ll understand after the video) and experiment with sitting vs laying down. I am not a huge stickler for meditation posture but this particular exercise seems to consistently deliver more benefit when you are sitting upright with a straight spine.

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