When I first began reading Kurt Leland’s book The Multidimensional Human, I was in a room full of psychic adventurers at a meetup event that I co-host. I tuned everyone out and read for ten minutes before realizing how rude I was being!

No sooner had I finished the book than I was determined to get to know Kurt and attend his next workshop. I am honored and excited to attend his next workshop, that I am hosting here in Chicago. Why am I so stoked?

Kurt displays an expert understanding of how we can evolve in a way that is clear, easy to comprehend, is accessible, and exciting to learn. There is no doubt that he has walked the walk of consciousness exploration for over 30 years and he know teaches us without ego or agenda. I can’t wait to learn from him in person.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Buy his book The Multidimensional Human. Or listen and/or download his interview with Planetary Spirit using the links below.

Click here to play Kurt Leland’s Interview with Planetary Spirit.

Click here to download Kurt Leland’s Interview with Planetary Spirit.

***Download Note*** Check your pop-up blocker if the download box does not pop up immediately upon clicking the download link. This interviewis 58 MB long. Due to the popularity and the download widget on this site, the average download time is 3 minutes. The download progress bar will continue to cycle from left to right which is not a true indication of progress. Just keep this in mind.

Kurt is coming to town Sunday, September 25th to teach the practices he talks about in this interview!  Click here for the Adventures In Consciousness workshop.

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