meditation-techniques-for-beginnersThere are some easy meditation techniques for beginners.  I remember when I first began exploring meditation.  I would hear advice such as “observe the breathe” and “let you thoughts fall away”.  If this advice is all it took to get you meditating, congrats!  It generally can take a little more effort and meditation technique practice though.

It didn’t work for me.  I used a couple different meditation techniques that worked when I was a beginner.  They still work for me now.  The difference is that with experience and an inventory of easy meditation techniques, you can often find a way to stop thoughts for your meditation session.  Here is what worked for me right at the beginning of my meditation practice.

1. Hemisync Gateway Experience.  I read all of Robert Monroe’s books and found them fascinating.  I searched for him on the internet (this was before Google, in 1999 I believe).  I ordered the at-home study cassette tape series called Gateway Experience.  It changed my life.  The biggest reason is that the hemi sync technology provides support and guidance to new levels of awareness.  It provides brain training and mental muscle memory so that you understand what meditation feels like.  I didn’t have to continually wonder if I was doing it right.

2. Meditation after Yoga. I bought a power yoga DVD from Bryan Kest.  The corpse pose was the last pose of all the sequences.  I would sometimes awaken and find that 30 minutes had passed while I was in the corpse pose.  But the relaxation sequence on the DVD was only 5 minutes! Sequences such as these are easy meditation techniques for beginners due to their brevity of duration. I began to crave the mental feeling from the corpse pose and discovered it was a meditative state.  I recommend attending a yoga class or trying yoga at home.  Don’t get up like some people do during the corpse pose.  Stay on the mat and see what happens.  Yoga was designed to prepare your body for meditation and it works really well for some people.

These 2 easy meditation techniques for beginners helped me on a lifelong path of meditation.  Do not despair if neither approach works for you, there are hundreds of meditation techniques and styles that can work.  That’s why I created this site!

meditation-techniques-for-beginners-3Sometimes I find that applying a meditation technique for a specific problem can help the beginning meditation person gain confidence in the effectiveness of meditation.  Listening to meditation music can show the power of applied meditation.  This meditation for waking up is a great first meditation technique for beginners.

Don’t end up looking like this guy on the left.  Morning meditation is a great time for a beginners to practice their meditation techniques.  Continue exploring the site to find the meditation technique that resonates with you.  Sign up for our free meditation course.   And you can always contact me directly for advice.

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