Oosho meditation techniquessho was always in the center of controversy because of his fleet of Rolls Royce and his views on sex. A dynamic Indian mystic, in the 1970s and 1980s he went through a few name changes finally settled on his name. To tell the fascinating story of this Yogi it is best to read his “Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic”.

But while controversy and polarization with were caused by his views, he left us with some interesting forms of meditation. His most popular form of meditation is called dynamic meditation. It is still practiced in groups today, I know of a regular group meeting in downtown chicago. He also popularized active meditations. An active meditation is when people exert themselves and then quickly drop to the floor and lie motionless. This simple technique is surprisingly effective for quieting the mind.

Osho wrote the “Book of Secrets” that contains many, many other types of meditations. The book is meant to be randomly opened. Whatever practice is listed during your random book opening is what you should practice.

The “spiritually incorrect mystic” left a lasting impact on the world. He has well-known meditations still practiced in groups around the world. He has many popular books on meditation and spirituality. And his retreat in India is known around the world as a leading gathering point for meditation and spirituality.