meditation techniques for beginners to ease painAs someone who experienced personally how to use , I am always pleasantly surprised to see the mainstream media echo my experience.   My chiropractor recently emailed an article by NPR (click here for the meditation article) on how meditation techniques for beginning meditators can be used to curb pain quickly.

This is great news for people of all meditation levels, but especially for the newbies.  When learning a new skill or technique such as meditation, it helps the learner’s confidence to experience a quick win.  If someone applies meditation and feels less pain from only a few sessions, that can be the catalyst to a lifelong meditation practice.

Pain avoidance is a very big motivator!  It is easy to say and think about things that I am going to do someday.  But when I feel pain or sickness, I will move Heaven and Earth to feel better again.  I met the chiropractor that sent me this article after I tweaked my neck doing Ashtanga yoga.  I was a zealot about performing my therapy because the pain was very intense.

I have no doubt that the article’s future clinical studies can show meditation lowers pain relief.  As I stated above, I applied and only needed 3 of the 30 prescribed pain pills.  If you are feeling pain, meditation is a fast, easy, and free way to attempt to lower or alleviate it.



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