Meditation Techniques

Meditation TechniquesThere are many meditation techniques for many goals. One persons’ experience with meditation can differ greatly from another person’s meditation experience. That is why there are so many different types of meditation styles. Fortunately there are a number of meditation techniques to teach you how to meditate.

The different methods of meditation can be compared to the different techniques of dieting. Think of how many different diets there are in the world. Some people swear by the low glucose diet, others by Atkins, still more people claim nutri-system allowed them to lose their weight. Meditation techniques work the same way. Chanting in a Buddhist temple might help you find the perfect meditation state. Listening to spoken guidance might do the trick for other people. I like to lay on my bed and listen to meditation technology cds.

A specific meditation method is not necessarily more important than the other. Having a direct experience of meditation is what matters. So if your mediation technique is working for you, then stick with it.  If you haven’t had success with learning to meditate yet, or you are bored with your existing meditation routine, review these Meditation Methods. There are meditation techniques for everyone.

Meditation Techniques

Guided Meditations are a common way to learn meditation.  You lay back and listen to music and a guide’s voice lead you easily and effortlessly into a meditative state.  These meditations can be used for goal achievement, spiritual connection, or simply to relax.

Learning To Meditate has become much easier thanks to advances in audio technology.  No longer will the beginning meditation practitioner wonder if they are meditating.  Your mind can be gently led to a validated meditative state.

Meditation software has been gaining in popularity.  Put a cd-rom into your computer, put on your headphones, and follow the voice and instructions.  Your computer screen gives you instant feedback on your physiological measurements compared with those of desired meditation levels.

Gateway Experience CDs

The Hemi Sync Gateway CD series changed my life.  I was finally able to know that I was experiencing deep meditation without any doubts.  The program also gave me awareness of my energy body, increased access to my intuition, and other cool experiences that you’ll have to experience for yourself to believe.

The stages of meditation provide signposts for your mental progression while meditating.  It is very rare that I can drop into a deep meditation without going through at least some of the stages of meditation listed here.

The typical meditation position depicted is the lotus posture.  I think it is unfortunate most people associate meditation with sitting in lotus and chanting ohm all day (not that there is anything wrong with that).  I like to lay down myself.  There are other meditation positions that can work for you.  Don’t let your flexibility determine your inner tranquility.

Meditation mp3s can give you instant access and expert guidance.

Meditation Techniques Course

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