Determining the best meditation techniques is a very subjective task.  There is not a consensus rating system or score that can be applied to different ways of meditation.  Additionally, everyone’s style of learning is different.  The difficulty to determine the best meditation techniques is further muddied when you consider that one person could have certain meditation styles whose effectiveness varies depending on an individual’s mood, time of day, or time available to meditate.

The best way to serve you with this article is to tell you not only what I consider to be the best meditation techniques for me, but more importantly why I feel they are the best.  When you understand my reasons, you can decide for yourself if the techniques would also be the best for you.

The best meditation technique for me is the Hemisync Gateway Experience CDs and process.  Robert Monroe has a highly effective series of steps he uses to induce relaxation, intention, energy raising, and experiencing meditation.  In addition, there is hemisync technology to aid your brain in reaching elevated states of perception.  This was the first product I sold on this site because it impacted my life so greatly.  The combination of binaural beats and an expertly structure guided meditation make this my favorite and most effective meditation.

Another great meditation technique that can be applied to any existing meditation practice or script is the use of sound vibration energy.  A series of loud Ohms or hums to start a meditation practice can greatly elevate your energy levels.  This increased energy level translates to a much more intense and focused meditation experience.

A popular meditation technique due to its effectiveness is mantra meditation.  Mantra meditation is the repetition of the same word, sound, or phrase over and over again.  This provides your mind with focus and directed attention.

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