Guided Meditation is the most common meditation technique. It is popular because it is both easy and effective. There are a number of meditation styles and methods to choose from to enhance your experience and success.

The guided portion of the meditation refers to the guide you hear during your meditation session. Many times there will be a few minutes of relaxing music or ocean waves to allow you time to settle your mind and get comfortable. Sometimes the guide will start speaking to you immediately to introduce themselves and set the tone of the meditation.

A quality meditation that is guided will have you relaxed and attentive a few minutes into the session. I have experienced this in a number of ways-

  • *I am told to picture a beachside scene, feel the light and warmth of the sun, hear the waves, synchronize my breath with the waves.
  • *Hemi-sync meditation technology gives me a helping hand by helping get my brain waves in sync with known meditative levels
  • *I am told to picture a wooden chest, and to put whatever I am thinking in that chest, and then to turn away from it. This works much better than it sounds.

Once relaxed and attentive, the guide now leads you into the purpose of the meditation. This could be relaxation, goal achievement, sleep, connection to your higher self, or any other reason. Depending on the purpose, the guide’s script could lead you to do the following-

  • Picturing yourself with your goal as a reality
  • Asking the universe for guidance and listening for a response
  • Envisioning future realities you wish to create
  • Nothing. Sometimes just being in the meditative brain state is the goal.

Guided meditations are a perfect way for someone to learn how to meditate. It takes the pressure off. Otherwise it could be tough to quiet your mind when you are constantly wondering if you are doing it right.

Even though I have become an experienced in meditation, I still use meditation guidance cds half the time. I find they give me a mental boost. Sometimes it is not easy to settle my mind. Guided meditations allow me to divert my focus from any distractions and follow the voice instructions. Before I know, I am happily in deep meditation.

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