Think of the these meditation tips as a toolbox where you select the appropriate one for a given job. Some days your mind will be clear and you can enter meditation within moments of setting an intention to do so. Other days you will find yourself still running through a work scenario in your head ten minutes after you attempted to meditate. Hang in there and keep trying. If that doesn’t work, try these tips for meditating.

Meditation Tips | Problems and Answers

Problem – Your mind refuses to settle down and allow you any meditation peace.
Tip – Use a Hemi-Sync meditation cd to aid your brain in settling down. Hemi-sync is a term meaning hemispheric synchronization, the process of enabling your left-brain and right-brain to cooperate and work together. Hemi-sync meditation cds have numerous applications to satisfy your meditation purpose.

Problem – You haven’t been able to set aside time to meditate.
Tip – Use this Start Your day meditation cd. Its running time is 19 minutes, and it will leave you clear-headed, refreshed, and focused on your day’s most important tasks.

Problem – Lotus position? I can’t even touch my toes!.
Tip – Lay down and chill out. Almost all varieties of meditation are position-agnostic…sitting or laying down has no effect on the quality of the meditation.

Problem – You are too tired to meditate.
Tip – Use a sleep meditation cd at night. You will experience a nice meditation that turns into sleep. This will put you to sleep quickly and deeply. You will wake up feeling great.

Problem – There are too many distractions when you are trying to meditate.
Tip – Solving this problem depends on your experience and proficiency at meditation. If you are just learning how to meditate, it might be too difficult to calm your mind when faced with a lot of outside distractions. It took me a few years, but I can now meditate on a crowded Chicago commuter train. You let the sounds wash over you and don’t react to them, and if you give it a minute and don’t panic about the fact there are distractions, the distracting noises will start to become a white noise effect, and actually aid your meditation.

I hope these meditation tips helped you. But if you don’t see your meditation problem and solution listed, don’t despair. Contact to get some help.

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