The stages of meditation vary depending on the intention of your meditation. Goal or purpose orientated meditations have distinct differences from general deep free-form mediation. Here is a breakdown of the meditation stages:

  1. Initial relaxation – You can’t meditate when your body is tense. The first stage of meditation is to relax your body and get comfortable.
  2. Quieting Mental Chatter – This is the second stage, but it will be a repeated challenge throughout meditation. The inner dialogue that runs in our minds all day has to be silenced.
  3. Raise Energy – Now that the mind has stopped chattering, chanting, repeating one sound, visualization, or some other means are employed to raise your energy level. Think of this step is the meditative equivalent of a cup of strong coffee.
  4. Set Intention – The goal of the meditation is stated mentally and focused on. This could be “I am going to relax now”, “I am losing weight and feeling more healthy”, or “I am experiencing deep meditation” among other intentions.
  5. Go Deep Into Meditation – Now that you are relaxed, mentally quiet, energetically primed, and your intention has been made, it is now time to go deep within yourself and just be. A number of sensations can occur at this time. You may feel as though time has not passed, or that a great deal of time is passing. A deep heavy pleasant blissful feeling might come over you. You could spend the time in creative visualization, embedded in your dream situations picturing them manifested in your life. Or you might just feel a deep connection to a source within yourself.
  6. Affirmations – When listening to a guided meditation cd, at the end of the deep meditation portion, the guide will normally have you mentally repeat affirmations that support your intention stated earlier.
  7. Come Back Towards Present Consciousness – Gently you raise your consciousness level back towards your waking state.

Different meditation techniques and guides use their own process. The stages of meditation listed above cover many meditation scripts and processes.