Welcome to our meditation video lessons.  We send out a new meditation video to our subscribers and occasionally they will appear on this page as well.  Our existing videos on meditation are listed below.

Meditation Video Library

4 Common Meditation Problems – People often struggle with meditation concepts such as thinking of nothing.

Meditation Software – What exactly is meditation software?  And how can it help you learn and expand your meditation practice?

How Long to Experience Meditation’s Benefits? – Meditation benefits virtually every area of your life. Hearing this can be frustrating to someone that has not had much success learning and applying meditation. Don’t despair!

Meditation Breathing Exercises:  Pranayama Pauses – Learn a simple meditation breathing technique that can drop you into stillness.

How Meditation Can Reduce Relationship Stress – A consistent meditation practice can create a gap between your perception and reaction.  This small amount of time can improve relationships more than you’d think.