Meditation benefits virtually every area of your life. Hearing this can be frustrating to someone that has not had much success learning and applying meditation. Don’t despair! If you don’t think you are getting any benefit from meditation, then you are simply using the wrong technique.

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Finding the right meditation method is like finding the right diet. Some people love dairy products, eat cheese every day, and that keeps them thin and healthy. Other people are lactose intolerant and dairy food is like poison.

What I love about meditation is that the proof is in the pudding. By this, I mean that regardless of what you are told about meditation, you can directly experience the results yourself. There are hundreds of meditation techniques and you simply need to find one that has you experiencing benefits after the first time you practice it.

I am the biggest advocate for meditation because I believe the outside world is a reflection of your inner world. And the most effective way to change the inner world is with meditation. So please read through our site to find which meditation technique resonates with you.