One of my Meditation Masters Network teachers, Jonathan Ellerby, has a very interesting and widespread background in spirituality I’d like to share with you.  At one time or another, he has been the Director of Spirituality for Canyon Ranch, studied shamanism, has his doctorate in Religious Studies, authored a couple of Hay House books on spirituality, and is now the director of the Tao Inspired Living Community.

I’ve probably forgotten a few of his spiritual disciplines and experiences for sure, he’s had so many! When I received his latest email about the Tao Center, I realized he had a lot of interesting and beneficial things to offer spiritual seekers – so here is a tour for you.

A great benefit of his background is the ability to see the commonality and differences between spiritual practices.  One person’s astral projection is another person’s exploration of consciousness is another person’s experience of Oneness is another person’s out of body experience is another person’s experience of bliss is another person’s blessing from an angel…you get the idea.

Jonathan explored a number of different spiritual practices and techniques in his book Return to the Sacred.  In all he details 12 master spiritual paths.  I love the idea of surveying a lot of styles to make your spiritual journey your own.  This book will help you get a quick understanding of a lot of traditions so you can deep-dive into topics that interest you most.

Jonathan’s latest book is Inspiration Deficit Disorder.  This book discusses how the root of many problems is disconnection.  Don’t take my word for it, watch this video.

Here in Chicago, I shudder at the thought of January’s chill to the extent that thinking about a winter getaway is never far out of my mind. If you are also on the lookout for great vacation ideas that can also support your spiritual evolution, consider one of Jonathan’s programs at his Tao Inspired Living Community down in Mexico.



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