Everyone has had the occasional night of tossing and turning.  It’s frustrating, fills you with anxiety, and causes you to wander through the next day’s activities like a zombie.  Hopefully those nights are few and far between.

If you are having trouble falling to sleep on a regular basis, it is critical to get the situation fixed.  The fatigue, irritability, and lack of passion that is experienced by lack of sleep is no way to go through life.  How can anyone go through life this way?

Fortunately meditation can be applied to help resolve sleep issues.  You can listen to a number of different CDs that apply different relaxation techniques to get you blissfully off to la-la land.  People respond better to certain meditation applications, so I will explain to you here and then you can click on the most intriguing one for more information.

My personal favorite is the sleep meditation CD from Hemi-Sync. I like this one for 3 reasons.  One, it has no talking, and for me, when I am having trouble sleeping it is because my mind keeps racing.  I love guided meditation but not in this scenario, I don’t want to add another voice to the mix.

Secondly, the sounds is a white noise-like humming and whirring.  It is similar to having a fan blowing at a comfortable volume in your ear.  I love white noise to sleep by.

Last but most important, Hemi-Sync tones gently guide your brain waves into a more relaxed brain frequency.  Technology is literally putting you in a sleepier state.

You can also try a guided relaxation CD.  We have the many guided relaxation CDs to help get you back to sleep.

Another way to get to sleep is using the “so chord” meditation, also from Hemi-Sync.  This CD sounds like a group of monks chanting ohm.  Hemi-sync tones are aiding you into a meditative state.  While the purpose of this CD is simply meditation and not specifically “put you to sleep” meditation, I find having the ohm sound playing in my head late at night causes me to wake up in the morning with my headset in the covers with me.

The last meditation-aided sleep mechanism is simply counting your breathing.  Close your eyes and count your inhales and exhales, doing closed mouth breathing through your nose.  On the inhale focus very intensely on feeling the air rush down your throat and into your lungs.  On the exhale, feel the air comes from your lungs, up your windpipe, and out your nose.

This may sound trivial and useless to try.  If you feel that way after reading it, I don’t recommend trying this, because you have already decided it won’t work, so it won’t.

However, breath-focused meditation can be extremely relaxing.  I’ve used this method a few times and it works.  When breath-focused meditation, which is again, simply breathing deeply and counting your breaths, is done over 5 to 10 minutes, a couple things can happen.  Since you are trying this at night when tired but unable to sleep, the meditation’s relaxing effect gives you the extra something needed to crash out.

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