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    All lives extending from the Source.

    When I posted a poll at the end of the last blog post, I realize that making the distinction between God and my Higher Self would have to be explained. My poll wrote a check that this blog post will attempt to cash. A few comments and emails immediately pointed out that there is no difference. I disagree and this post is why.

    Let’s look at our bodies. Your body contains a heart, lungs, veins, blood, water, and many other parts. All of these parts help to make up your body, some parts more critical than others. If you get cut and a speck blood and goo spills out, no one thinks “Hey, there I am oozing out onto the floor.” When the blood and goo were inside of you, they helped to make up your body, but now that blood speck that has oozed onto the floor is no longer you.

    However, if one tiny speck of your bloodstream gets infected, and then that infection spreads to your heart, and your physical body ceases to be animated, then that tiny speck of blood caused an end to what makes up the physical you. People passing by would say “Look at that dead person.”

    But would you be dead? You wouldn’t be dead. The collection of information, energy, and consciousness that animated the collection of matter and systems that presented itself as your physical body would no longer inhabit that physical world space, but you wouldn’t be dead.

    Does this mean that the blood speck is “You”? Is it conditionally you based on it’s location and function?

    So if something makes a part of a bigger whole, is it the same thing as the whole?

    I bring this up when it comes to the question of whether I heard God or my Higher Self. I’m going to focus on those 2 options out of God, Higher Self, subconscious, and I’m crazy, because that is what I think the answer comes down to.

    Take a look at this picture, taken from “Causal Body and the Ego” by Arthur E. Powell. I know that the word Ego means different things based on different schools of metaphysical, spiritual, or psychological thought. Powell is a theosophist, so Ego means the Higher Self that never changes.

    The Monad creates your Higher Self (Ego) which has many personalities.

    The Monad creates your Higher Self (Ego) which has many personalities.

    The Higher Self is birthed from a higher entity, which is birthed from a higher entity that we’ll call God so we don’t go any further up the wormhole of creation.

    Going downward, the Higher self creates a mental, astral, etheric, and physical body that encompasses what you call yourself. In the Causal body’s perspective, it is the incarnating personality.

    cost cialis Your Causal Body, which holds all of your past lives, dips a small drop of itself into your current personality.

    Your Causal Body, which holds all of your past lives, dips a small drop of itself into your current personality.

    For people into past lives, the causal body is the body that you access where all your other past lives are hanging out to be accessed for various intentions.

    Look back at my experience, it could be said that I heard either God or my Higher Self, since my Higher Self makes up a part of all that is, which I call God. But I don’t think God was monitoring all His various options and decided to send any messages down. Instead I feel my Higher Self, perhaps working in conjunction with Maximus’ Higher Self, saw an opportunity to, yet again, beat me over the head with an important message, and took the opportunity.

    All lives extending from the Source.

    All lives extending from the Source.




    • Diane
      on April 12, 2013 Reply

      There’s a place in the Course in Miracles and in us that says. “God is and then we cease to speak.” That really does say it all.

      • admin
        on April 15, 2013 Reply

        Hi Denise,

        Thanks for sharing. I can never hear enough ACIM quotes, they are always wise.

        Take it easy,

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