Do You Know Which Body You’re In?

Do You Know Which Body You’re In?



The incredible world of astral projection can open up once you determine and consciously choose which energy body to travel with. This online course gives you the tools to interact with your various energy bodies. You can learn things about your life lessons and purpose, receive guidance, heal your energy bodies, and have adventures that amaze and inspire you.

In this online course, you will learn specific techniques on how to find the different energy bodies and their own energy fields. Then it’s actually possible to move yourself consciously into that state, and experience it more directly.

People need maps for moving through different levels of consciousness, because a level of consciousness is not a thing that can be  easily described in words.  By providing an experience where you can actually move through the different layers of your energy field, and sense the differences between them, and then explore them, you’ve actually got a template or a map that you can use to help you get from one level of understanding to another.

If you are new to astral projection, or frustrated by other astral projection techniques that did not lead to success, this could be your answer. 

Everyone has multiple energy bodies at different levels of development – Discover and accelerate your energy body growth, determine which energy bodies have their senses turned on, and your doors to perceive the non physical world can open!

* Astral projection is easier when you know which energy body you are using.

* Astral projection is a fantastic tool for spiritual growth.

* You are evolving your soul with many bodies that are at different levels of development.

* Astral projection helps prove you are more than your physical body.

*Astral projection increases significance and meaning to your life.

Unlocking this course will help you start having actual astral projection experiences.




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